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  • Lithuanian War Eyewitnesses Refuse to Testify in Nazi Cases

    The demise of the Soviet Union is thwarting efforts to bring suspected Nazi war criminals to justice in Australia, a war crimes investigator has charged. More than 12 cases against alleged war criminals living in Australia have had to be abandoned because Lithuanian witnesses have refused to cooperate with Australian investigators, according to Graham Blewitt,… More ▸

  • Lithuanian Collaborator Dies Before the U.S. Can Deport Him

    The wartime mayor of Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania, who had been stripped of his U.S. citizenship and was facing deportation for lying about his past, died last week in Florida. Kacys Palciauskas died Jan. 7 of a stroke after being hospitalized for Alzheimer’s disease, shingles and diabetes. Palciauskas was living near St. Petersburg, Fla., while the… More ▸

  • Lithuania Will Set Up a Panel to Resolve Rehabilitation Issue

    Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis has agreed to set up a commission to resolve charges that his government exonerated war criminals involved in atrocities against Jews during World War II. Landsbergis told American Jewish communal leaders here Thursday that his government is working to determine which cases should not have been rehabilitated in the mass amnesty…. More ▸

  • Slow Progress Being Made in Effort to Undo Lithuanian Exonerations

    Some progress is being made toward undoing the wrongful exoneration of Nazi collaborators in Lithuania, according to a Simon Wiesenthal Center official who just returned from the Baltic state. But it is “an uphill battle,” waged against a government “reluctant to admit the scope of the problem or to deal with it in a forthright… More ▸

  • Jews Skeptical of Lithuania’s Intent to Halt Exonerations of War Criminals

    American Jewish leaders have guardedly welcomed a Lithuanian Supreme Court justice’s announcement that his government has halted the exoneration of war criminals imprisoned by Soviets after World War II and that it will reverse the rehabilitation of any who committed war crimes against Jews. Jewish officials following the case are concerned that the desire of… More ▸

  • Lithuania Denies It Has Pardoned War Criminals but is Investigating

    The president of Lithuania has strongly denied a report that his newly independent government is pardoning citizens who collaborated in Nazi war crimes. But the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles says it has the evidence to prove it. In a letter to Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress, Vytautas Landsbergis called “particularly… More ▸

  • Report That Lithuania is Pardoning War Criminals Shocks Jews Worldwide

    Jews around the world have reacted with shock and profound anger to revelations that the Lithuanian government has begun pardoning citizens convicted by the Soviets of collaborating in Nazi war crimes. American Jewish groups mobilized quickly to protest the pardons, which were disclosed Thursday in a report on the front page of The New York… More ▸

  • Israel Recognizes Independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    Taking its cue once again from Washington, Israel announced Wednesday that it was extending diplomatic recognition to the three Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The statement proffering recognition was made by Foreign Minister David Levy, who spoke to reporters after meeting with visiting Italian Foreign Minister Gianni De Michelis. Levy said Israel’s decision… More ▸

  • Herzog Silent in Face of Attack by Lithuanian Rosh Yeshiva

    President Chaim Herzog declined to react Tuesday to a rabbi who accused him of besmirching Jewish values. “The president does not respond to personal attacks,” was the terse statement issued by the President’s Office in Jerusalem after Rabbi Eliezer Schach of Bnei Brak denounced Israel’s chief of state for defending “pig-eating” kibbutzniks. Schach, who hails… More ▸

  • Lithuania Wants to Protect Jews, Improve Israel Ties, Leader Says

    The Lithuanian republic, seeking independence from the Soviet Union, would like to protect its Jewish community and improve direct relations with Israel, Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis told a gathering of Chicago Jewish community leaders Tuesday. Landsbergis spoke at a luncheon meeting arranged by the American Jewish Committee. He was introduced by its national president, Sholom… More ▸