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  • Underground in Poland Gets JTA News; Keeps Jews Informed of Jewish Life Abroad

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency news service is now reaching Jews in occupied Poland through the Jewish underground movement, it was revealed here today by the Polish Government-in-Exile. News bulletins issued by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in London, which give a comprehensive picture of Jewish life in the United States, Palestine and other countries, are being… More ▸

  • 150,000 Jews Still Living in Lodz; Gathered from Various Countries for Skilled Labor

    Polish-Jewish circles here today received an underground report from occupied Poland stating that there are at present 150,000 Jews living and working in the ghetto of Lodz, a Polish industrial city. Of these Jews, the report says, only thirty thousand are from Poland. The remainder have been brought from various other occupied countries. They are… More ▸

  • General Strike by Jewish Workers in Lodz Forces Germans to Halt Executions

    A general strike by tens of thousands of Jewish slave workers in the ghetto factories of Lodz forced the German occupation authorities to halt, at least temporarily, mass executions of Jews, it is revealed today in a report from Jewish underground sources received by the Polish Government-in-Exile here. The report adds that the Germans are… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials

    A unique Jewish guerilla unit, numbering more than young Jews who escaped from the liquidated ghettos in various sections of occupied and, is now terrorizing Germans in the Lublin district, it was reported here today Jewish leaders from Poland. The unit is known all over Poland as “Ghetto Guerillas” and publishes its own undestine newspaper… More ▸

  • Fierce Battles Between Jews and Gestapo Units Raging in Lodz and Bialystok

    Thousands of Jews and many Germans are reported today to have been killed in street battles in the Polish cities of Lodz and Bialystok, where the German authorities last week began “liquidating” nearly half a million ghetto residents, consisting mostly of Jews deported from Western Europe and Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. At Lodz, the report said,… More ▸

  • French, Belgian, Bulgarian Jews Arrive at Lodz

    Groups of Jewish deportees from France, Belgium and Bulgaria have recently arrived in Poland and been confined in the ghetto at Lodz, according to reports received today from the Polish underground. A report reaching here from Rumania states that in the ghetto in the town of Zhmerinka, in Transnistria, there are 3,274 Jews at present,… More ▸

  • Jews in Russia Threatened by Soviet General Who Joined Hitler’s Forces

    Joining the Nazi anti-Jewish crusade, General Andrei Vlassov, the Russian commander who surrendered to the Germans and was appointed by the Nazis as “chief of the Committee to Liberate Russia” today announced that Jews will be deprived of all their rights in Russia should he ever succeed in “liberating” it. Speaking at a meeting in… More ▸

  • Cracow Ghetto Liquidated in “worst Pogrom of Nazi Annihilation Campaign” Poles Say

    Thousands of Jews in the Cracow ghetto were slaughtered and other thousands were deported to the dread concentration camp at Oswiecim during the week-end of March 13-15 in what is described as “one of the worst pogroms of the Nazi annihilation campaign,” according to reliable information reaching Polish Government circles here today. While the exact… More ▸

  • Nazis “liquidate” Lodz Ghetto; Deport All Jews from Brzezin

    The continued Nazi massacres of Jews in Poland surpass even the massacres of the Armenians by the Turks which stirred the world some 20 years ago, the Swedish press states today. Information reaching here today from occupied Poland indicates that the Nazis are proceeding with the liquidation of the ghetto in Lodz, second largest ghetto… More ▸