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  • Nazis Order Warsaw Jewish Council to Deliver 20,000 Workers for Forced Labor

    Information reaching Polish Government circles here today reveals that the Nazi authorities have ordered the Jewish Council in the Warsaw ghetto to deliver “at once” 20,000 qualified Jewish workers, either men or women, in order to meet the urgent need for 50,000 tailors, weavers and carpenters to work on army orders in occupied Poland. Simultaneously,… More ▸

  • Nazis Forced to Employ Ousted Jewish Workers; Dr. Lieberman’s Property Confiscated

    The acute shortage of labor throughout Germany has resulted in the fact that the Nazi authorities in Lodz and the surrounding district have been compelled to re-admit thousands of Jewish textile workers into local factories from which they had been ousted, according to information received here today from Nazi-held Poland. It is estimated that about… More ▸

  • Nazi Commissars in Poland Announce “jews for Sale” to German Manufacturers

    The selling of Jews as slaves by the local German administrators in Poland has become an every day occurrence, it can be noted from German newspapers reaching here today. Capitalizing on the acute shortage of qualified workers, Nazi commissars in various Polish towns are openly advertising in German newspapers that they have “Jews for sale”… More ▸

  • Jewish Workers Arrested in Lodz for Striking Against Insufficient Bread Rations

    Sixty-five Jewish weavers were arrested by the Nazi administration in Lodz and sent to a concentration camp as punishment for their participation in a strike against insufficient bread rations, Polish Government circles reported here today. Reports reaching the Polish Government here from occupied Poland state that there are now 150,000 Jews crowded into the Lodz… More ▸

  • All Jews Expelled from Zgierz; Nazis Introduce Ghetto for Jews in Rovno

    The expulsion of all Jews from the Polish industrial city of Zgierz near Lodz, and the segregation of all Jews in the city of Rovno, Wolhynia, in a ghetto is reported in news reaching here today from Nazi-occupied Poland. The Nazi paper Litzmennstadter Zeitung which reports the Jewish expulsion from Zgierz adds that the ghetto… More ▸

  • Britain Will Allow Stranded Polish Jews to Enter Jamaica

    Permission for 165 Polish Jewish refugees stranded in Lisbon to proceed to the British colony of Jamaica has been obtained by the Polish government, Dr. Ignacy Schwartzbart, leader of Polish Jewry, was informed here today. Polish circles here today learned that the Lodz textile factories, owned by J.K. Poznanski, famous Jewish industrialist, who was the… More ▸

  • Jews Freezing to Death in Ghettos; Starvation Mounting in Warsaw, Lodz

    Scores of Jews are freezing to death every day in the Jewish ghettos of Warsaw and Lodz as a result of insufficient fuel to meet the extreme cold wave now sweeping Poland, coupled with the ever-present food shortage, according to reports reaching official Polish circles here today. Undernourishment among Jews in the two Lodz ghettos… More ▸

  • 1,350,000 Jews Confined in Eleven Polish Ghettos

    The Nazi authorities have herded 1,350,000 Jews into 11 ghettos in various parts of occupied Poland, according to figures compiled by Polish Jewish circles here on the basis of official statistics. Many of them were deportees from Germany and German-occupied countries throughout Europe. The Warsaw ghetto was estimated to have within its narrow confines a… More ▸

  • Dagens Nyheter is One of Sweden’s Oldest Liberal Newspapers

    A report from the newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, on the slave work which Jews in the Lodz ghetto are compelled to do under the Nazis, carried in our Wednesday’s bulletin, incorrectly identified the newspaper as being a Nazi organ. The Dagens Nyheter is one of the oldest liberal Swedish newspapers and has been published in Stockholm… More ▸