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  • Polish Government “black Book” Features Jewish Sufferings Under Nazis

    Jewish sufferings in Nazi-held Poland will form one chapter in the second part of the “Black book,” describing conditions in Poland under the Nazis, which the Polish Government-in-exile is preparing to issue, it was disclosed here today. This is in contrast to the first part of the “Black book” issued in France in April 1940,… More ▸

  • Jews in Warsaw Ordered by Nazis to Move from the Ghetto

    A number of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were ordered by the Nazi authorities to return to their former homes outside the walls, it is reported in the Gazeta Zydowska, the only Jewish organ in Nazi-held Poland. The measure, it was explained, is due to the fact that, the ghetto is overpopulated to an extent… More ▸

  • Plan to Expel Jews Seen As Nazis Call Ghetto ‘Temporary’ Solution

    German newspapers have praised the Lodz ghetto as "the most perfect temporary solution of the Jewish question." Polish circles here interpreted this today as indicating that the Nazis intend to expel Jews from occupied territories in the event of a German victory. The Nazi press reports that Jewish elders in the Lodz ghetto have authorized… More ▸

  • Warsaw Jewish Leader Tells of Curbs in Nazi Poland

    Important information on the latest anti-Jewish restrictions in Nazi-held Poland was brought to this country by Maxmilian Friede, former Warsaw judge and Jewish leader, who has reached New York via England and Canada. In a statement to the J.T.A., Friede declared Jewish life in the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz and other Polish cities was worse… More ▸

  • Nazis Bar White Bread for Poles and Jews; Ghetto Film Shown in Berlin

    Nazi newspapers reaching Switzerland today report that the Nazi administration in Poland have issued an order prohibiting Jews and Poles from acquiring white bread and wheat flour. “White bread is a luxury, and we are not going to provide the Jews and the Poles with luxuries,” the Deutsche Rundschau declares in attempt to justify the… More ▸

  • Spread of Disease in Warsaw Feared As Rations Are Cut Anew

    Fearing the spread of epidemic diseases in Warsaw as result of reduced food rations, which have been cut to one-third of the former amount, the Nazi authorities in the Warsaw ghetto issued an order that every inhabitant of the ghetto under 40 years of age must undergo anti-typhoid vaccination, it was reported here today from… More ▸

  • 25,000 Warsaw Jews at Work on River Project

    Twenty-five thousand Jews from the Warsaw ghetto are presently employed in the work of regulating the Vistula River, the Nazi newspaper Goenies Krakowski reports. The Ostdeutscher Beobachter features a special report describing conditions in the township of Tuszyn, near Lodz, which has been made “judenfrei” by mass expulsion. The better class houses evacuated by Jews… More ▸