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  • No Jew Left in Lublin, Nazi Paper Reports; Urges Non-jews to Return to Their Homes

    All non-Jewish inhabitants of Majan-Tatrski, a suburb of Lublin, were invited by the Nazi authorities to return to their homes and re-occupy their dwellings following the deportation of all Jews from the city, it is reported in the Krakauer Zeitung, a Nazi newspaper published in Poland. The paper, which reached here today, states that the… More ▸

  • Texts of Nazi Degrees Isolating All Jews in Poland Received in London

    The Polish Government-in-Exile today received the texts of two Nazi decrees ordering all Jews in the hundreds of cities and townships in Poland to move to 42 small townships designated as “Jewish residential localities”and to 13 ghettos in the districts of Warsaw, Radom, Lublin and Galicia. The exodus of all Jews from other places in… More ▸

  • Hundreds of Towns in Poland Made “judenrein,” Nazi Government Reports

    Hundreds of towns, large and small, have been made “judenrein” by the Nazis in occupied Poland during the last few months, it is disclosed in an official report published by the Nazi government in Berlin newspapers which reached here today. The report, issued by the Secretary of State for Security in the Government General, reveals… More ▸

  • Jews Throughout British Empire Will Observe Day of Mourning Next Sunday

    Central Jewish organizations here today proclaimed Sunday, December 13, as a day of mourning and fasting by all Jews in the British Empire for the two million Jews massacred by the Nazis in Europe. The call for the observance of the day of mourning was issued by Chief Rabbi Hertz following an emergency conference of… More ▸

  • Swiss Journalist Brings First Eye-witness Report of Lublin Ghetto

    The first eye-witness story every to come out of the Lublin ghetto was recounted here today by a correspondent of the Neue Zeitung. The correspondent of the Swiss paper was permitted by the Nazi authorities to visit Lublin. Reporting that “fifty thousand Jews are crammed into an area where only ten thousand could live under… More ▸

  • 8,000 Polish Jews Assigned to Draining Lublin Swamps; Lwow Ghetto Enlarged

    A new Jewish forced-labor camp in which 8,000 Polish Jews are confined, has been set up near Lublin by the German authorities, Polish circles here report today. The Jews concentrated at this camp, which is called “Swamp,” are being used to drain and reclaim a huge stretch of marsh in the Lublin area, according to… More ▸

  • Jewish Children in Polish Ghettos Plead for Food and Clothes

    Two heart-rending letters from young Polish Jews which reached the Polish Government today indicate that the reports of the starvation and epidemics in the ghettos, which have seeped out from time to time, are not in the least exaggerated. One of the letters, written by a young boy in the Lublin ghetto to his brother… More ▸

  • Nazis Erase the Entire Jewish Section of the City of Lublin

    The German press reaching here today reports that the entire Jewish quarter in the city of Lublin, with the exception of a few houses, has been demolished by the local occupational authorities. “A public park will now be planted on these grounds,” one of the Berlin newspapers states. It boasts that “with the erasing of… More ▸

  • Nazis Massacre 700,000 Polish Jews; Thousands Executed in Mobile Gas Chambers

    More than 700,000 Polish Jews – a third of the entire Jewish population – have been massacred by the Nazis in Poland since last summer, it was charged in a detailed report received here today through underground channels by Samuel Zygelbaum, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. Thousands of these victims were killed by… More ▸

  • 200,000 More Jews Herded into Labor Camps in Poland Following New Raids

    Mass raids on Jewish residences are reported today to be taking place throughout Nazi-held Poland for the purpose of rounding-up Jews and sending them to forced labor camps where they are compelled to work at difficult jobs under inhuman conditions. The report says that more than 200,000 Polish Jews have recently been herded into thirty-seven… More ▸