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  • Sikorski Assails Nazi Atrocities Against Jews in Broadcast to Poland

    Premier Wladyslaw Sikorski, in a broadcast today to the people of Poland, assailed the atrocities perpetrated by the German occupation forces there and particularly cited the “tens of thousands of Jews who have been massacred in Lublin, Wilno, Lwow, Stanislawow and Miechow during the past year.” He revealed that the details of Nazi terror and… More ▸

  • Jews in New Ghetto Receive No Food Except in Return for Manufactured Articles

    The 10,000 Jewish residents of a new ghetto which the Nazis have established in the Lublin district, some distance outside of the city proper, receive no food whatsoever, except in return for handicraft and industrial products which the Germans are forcing them to produce, it was reported today by the Berlin correspondent of the Svenska… More ▸

  • Lublin Ghettos Closed for New Deportees; New Ghetto Opened in Sambor

    The two Jewish ghettos in Lublin, Nazi-held Poland, will no longer accept Jewish deportees, it was officially announced by local Nazi authorities, according to information reaching here today. The announcement explained that there is no more room in the ghettos for newcomers since thousands have already been jammed into all available living quarters in segregated… More ▸

  • Nazi Commissars in Poland Announce “jews for Sale” to German Manufacturers

    The selling of Jews as slaves by the local German administrators in Poland has become an every day occurrence, it can be noted from German newspapers reaching here today. Capitalizing on the acute shortage of qualified workers, Nazi commissars in various Polish towns are openly advertising in German newspapers that they have “Jews for sale”… More ▸

  • Nazis Order Warsaw Jews to Build Crematorium; Will Close Jewish Cemetery

    The Jewish Community Council in the Warsaw ghetto has been ordered by the Nazi authorities to immediately erect a crematorium for disposing of the growing number of Jewish dead, it was learned in Polish Government circles here today. The Jewish cemetery in the ghetto will be closed shortly, the Nazi authorities informed the Council. The… More ▸

  • Nazi Place Jews on Army Trains to Prevent Blowing Up of Military Transports

    Anxious to reduce the ever-increasing sabotage against the German army in occupied Poland, Nazi authorities there are now placing groups of Jews and Poles on trains carrying troops and war material, in the hope that this will prevent Jewish and Polish guerrillas from blowing up the trains, it was reliably reported here today. Reports reaching… More ▸

  • Nazis Expel All Jews from Luck; Hang Jewish Lawyer in Lublin Ghetto

    The entire Jewish population of the city of Luck, in Nazi-occupied Poland, has been expelled from the city, Reuters, Britain’s leading news agency, reported today. No details of the expulsion were given. The place to where the 50,000 Jewish inhabitants of Luck were deported was also not mentioned in the report. Polish government circles here… More ▸