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  • Baltic Maccabiade Held in Kaunas


  • News Brief

    The Maccabiade, international Jewish sports festival, opened with participation of Jewish teams from fourteen countries. Nazi authorities refuse permission for German team to make the trip. More ▸

  • Second Maccabiade Place and Time Set

    Plans are under way here for the Second Maccabiade, the Jewish Olympic Games, which will take place in the Holy Land in the Spring of 1935. The first games were held last Fall in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in the presence of Lord Melchett, honorary president of the World Maccabee organization. The plans were announced today. Gymnastic… More ▸

  • Jew, Arab Athletes to Compete in India

    An invitation to participate in the Western Asiatic Olympics at New Delhi, India, has been received by the Palestine Maccabee organization. The organization has also been invited to send a team to the Women’s Olympiad at London. Both invitations will probably be accepted with the approval of the Maccabee Alliance. The Maccabee organization, which has… More ▸

  • Maccabiade Being Planned by Judeans of Texas

    The State executive committee of the Texas Young Judeans is planning a Maccabiade, a huge State-wide athletic carnival, to be held probably next July. Plans were made here at a meeting of the committee at which a State Young Judean handbook was also decided upon and the raising of a fund of about $500 to… More ▸

  • Maccabee Movement Vital to Jewry, Says Viscountess Erleigh

    Viscountess Erleigh, the former Hon. Eva Violet Mond, daughter of the late Sir Alfred Mond, the first Lord Melchett, and daughter-in-law of the Marquess of Reading, became interested in Jewish problems when, on a visit with her father to Palestine, she was impressed with what had been accomplished by the Jews there. She is actively… More ▸

  • News Brief

    What is the Maccabee movement? What is its significance in the Jewish community? These questions are being asked on all sides, as the amazing growth of Maccabee clubs all over the world arouses the attention of the public. The answer to both questions can be summarized in a sentence—the Maccabee movement is the renaissance of… More ▸

  • Young Fritz Ullmann Man Behind Seven Zionist Congresses

    The Zionist Congress differs from any other congress in that it is only half a Parliament. It is also a general meeting of the people. Behind the organization that enables the assemblage to fulfil its double function is a machinery that is never permitted to run down, not even during the two-year intervals between one… More ▸

  • Melchett, Sokolow Review March of Nations Ending Maccabiade at Prague

    The march of the nations in Belvidere Stadium here yesterday afternoon marked the close of the Maccabiade, Jewish Olympics sports festival. Sturdy Jewish athletes of a score of nations, filed past the reviewing stand behind the Czechoslovakian flag and under a veritable sea of blue and white pennants—Zionist colors. Lord Melchett of England, honorary president… More ▸

  • League Aid, World Loan to Resettle Reich Jews in Palestine is Urged

    from Lord Melchett of England, honorary president of the World Maccabean organization, who arrived in Prague yesterday to witness the Maccabiade, Jewish sports festival, and from his sister, Lady Erleigh. Both were greeted with prolonged cheers. A general debate on the labor problems of Palestine, followed Mr. Rothenberg’s address, with representatives of the Laborites, the… More ▸