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  • Gawker: Madoff’s wife withdrew $15 million day before Bernie’s arrest

    Though she has not been charged with any wrongdoing related to her husband’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme, Ruth Madoff withdrew $15 million the day before Bernard Madoff’s arrest, Gawker is reporting. According to the complaint filed Wednesday, Ruth Madoff pulled out $5.5 million on November 25 and another $10 million on December 10, the day… More ▸

  • Madoff client search made easy

    The Boston Globe has created a searchable database of clients of Bernard Madoff. You can search by name or simply type in the name of a city and find out how many clients lived there and who they were. More ▸

  • The Jewish Star: YU lays of 60 employees, cuts 120 positions

    The Jewish Star, a little known Orthodox newspaper, is reporting this morning that Yeshiva University is laying off 60 people and eliminating 120 positions because of financial difficulty. The moves were announced in a letter distributed by YU’s president Richard Joel, which is excerpted below from the Jewish Star story. A YU official has confirmed… More ▸

  • List of Madoff clients released

    The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan released what is believed to be the complete list of Bernard Madoff’s clients. The 162-page list of 13,500-plus names, released Wednesday, is staggering — and there are names we had not yet heard strewn about it (no dollar figures). Check it out here Madoff ripped off not only his… More ▸

  • A few minutes with Madoff’s lawyer

    The Forward talks to Bernard Madoff’s lawyer Ira Sorkin. Though he doesn’t yield any details about the case, he talks about why he is representing Madoff.   “We represent the despised, the downtrodden, the weak,” Sorkin told the Forward. “I believe in the system, that’s the most important thing. It’s the system that requires us… More ▸

  • Commentary: Madoff exposes the real failings of the Jewish world

    Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin weighs in on the Madoff scandal, arguing that the lesson to be learned may be that Jewish outreach hasn’t worked. Here is the key excerpt: The long-term threat for Jewish philanthropy, then, isn’t Bernard Madoff but rather the overall threat facing the larger Jewish community in the United States—what came to be… More ▸

  • Jewish foundations lost at least $2.3 billion with Madoff

    Nicholas Kristof has a blog post up announcing that the New York Times has put together a list of the 147 foundations it believes had exposure to the Madoff fraud. Here is the list — made up overwhelmingly Jewish names and foundations that gave to Jewish causes. I will unpack the list a little further… More ▸