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  • 149 Mauritius Internees Accepted for Armed Forces; 93 Have Died

    Ninety-three of the 1,500 Jews interned on the island of Nauritius, off Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, have died, while 93 have left the island to join the British armed forces, it was disclosed in Commons today by Colonial Minister Col. Oliver Stanley. The Mauritius internees are Jewish refugees who were apprehended when they attempted… More ▸

  • 1,400 Jewish Refugees on Mauritius Demonstrate Against Internment

    More than 1,400 Jewish refugees who have been interned on the British island of Mauritius for attempting to enter Palestine illegally, proclaimed a Day of Fasting and stopped work on that day to protest their still being held on Mauritius despite the fact that 20,000 additional Jews can enter Palestine legally even under the restrictions… More ▸

  • Wish Internees Are “rotting Away” at Mauritius, Zionist Emergengy Council Charges

    More than 1,500 Jews are completing their third ##ar of internment on the Island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, after having been ?clared illegal immigrants to Palestine by the British government in 1941, the American Zionist Emergency Council, charged today. “Although British officials have done all they can to make the living quarters ?bitable,… More ▸

  • Rabbis in Nazi Territories Receive Mauritius Visas; Spanish Jews Leave Paris

    The British Embassy in Lisbon has notified the Hias-Ica office there that as result of intervention by the Chief Rabbi of England, the British Government has granted entry permits for the island of Mauritius, which is in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, to a number of rabbis living in occupied European territories. The Portuguese… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees Deported to Mauritius Join Czechoslovak Legion

    A group of 76 Jewish refugees who were deported from Palestine to the British island of Mauritius as “illegal immigrants” have joined the Czechoslovak Legion and are now fighting “somewhere in the Middle East,” the Hebrew newspapers here reported today. The refugees were all passengers on the steamer “Patria” which exploded in Haifa harbor in… More ▸

  • British Paper Demands Probe of High Mortality Rate Among Mauritius Internees

    A total of 63 Jewish refugees deported from Palestine to the African island of Mauritius by the British, as immigrants who had attempted to enter Palestine illegally, have died, it is reported today in the Manchester Guardian. The paper suggests that since the mortality rate is abnormally high inquiries be made as to the reasons… More ▸

  • Mauritius Internees Ask to Join Polish Forces

    Jewish refugees interned on the island of Mauritius today cabled a plea to be allowed to actively participate in the fight against Hitlerism as combatants. In an appeal addressed to Dr. Igancy Schwartzbart, Jewish member of the Polish National Council, some 400 Polish Jews on Mauritius asked him to intervene with the authorities so that… More ▸

  • Typhoid, Malaria Epidemics Among Jewish Internees on Mauritius Checked

    Typhoid fever and malaria epidemics have ravaged the Jewish internees confined by the British on the island of Mauritius, it was disclosed today in the Daily Mail. The epidemics took hold and threatened to spread all over the island but Lady Clifford, American-born wife of the Governor of Mauritius, intervened and organized a group of… More ▸

  • Manchester Guardian Suggests Mauritius Internees Be Returned to Palestine

    A suggestion that the 1,600 Jewish refugees now interned by the British on the island of Mauritius be brought back to Palestine, is made today in an editorial in the Manchester Guardian, commenting on the recent release of the first group of 100 Patria survivors from the internment camp at Athlit. The editorial urges that… More ▸