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Menachem Begin

  • Labor Says It Does Not Fully Support Begin’s Policy in Lebanon

    The Labor Party said today that Premier Menachem Begin erred when he claimed last week that the opposition fully supported the Likud government’s policies in Lebanon. Labor Party Secretary General Haim Barlev observed. “On ten things we do not agree and there is maybe one or half a thing on which we do agree, and… More ▸

  • Ceausescu Invites Begin to Rumania

    President Nicolae Ceausescu of Rumania has invited Premier Menachem Begin to visit Bucharest. But Begin reportedly is insisting that Ceausescu come to Israel first, to return the visit he made to Bucharest in August, 1977. The invitation was delivered to Begin by a personal emissary of the Rumanian President last week. The timing is significant… More ▸

  • 36 Brandeis U. Faculty, Staff Members Take Issue with the Policies of the Begin Government

    Thirty-six members of the faculty and staff of the Brandeis University, all identified as having contributed to the current annual campaign of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Boston, have released a letter questioning key elements of the policies of Premier Menachem Begin’s government and declaring that “we make a clear distinction between the policies… More ▸

  • Begin: Israel Will Continue to Hold on to the Golan Heights

    Premier Menachem Begin responded obliquely last night to reports that President Reagan has assured President Hafez Assad of Syria that the U.S. would insist that the return of the Golan Heights would be on the agenda of comprehensive peace negotiations based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. The Golan Heights “came under Israeli law… More ▸

  • Begin’s Independence Day Message

    Affirming Israel’s continued “quest for peace” and commitment to the Camp David accords with Egypt, Premier Menachem Begin declared his government’s intentions to move ahead with negotiations for an agreement on autonomy for the Palestinian people on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Noting that the peace treaty with Egypt “has with-stood the test,” Begin… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Popularity of Begin’s Policies is Declining Among the Sephardim

    Although Premier Menachem Begin still enjoys great personal popularity in Israel, the popularity of his government’s policies is declining, especially among the poor Sephardic communities which have been the backbone of Likud’s support. This was the analysis of two Israeli political scientists in a discussion arranged by the American Enterprise Institute here last week. The… More ▸

  • Begin Supports Candidacy of Burg to Be Israel’s Next President

    Premier Menachem Begin said publicly today that he supports the candidacy of Interior Minister Yosef Burg to be Israel’s next President, succeeding Yitzhak Navon who will retire when his term expires next month. Begin came out for Burg, a leader of the National Religious Party, at a meeting of the Likud coalition partners. But Burg… More ▸

  • Begin Calls for Tolerance

    Premier Menachem Begin has called on Israelis to show tolerance, rid themselves of hatred, and show understanding of each other. In a statement to Yediot Aharonot, Begin said that differences of opinion were legitimate and should not lead to physical confrontation. Begin’s statement, issued after repeated calls by opposition and leftwing elements, was the closest… More ▸