Menachem Begin

  • Begin Raps Parliament of Europe

    Premier Menachem Begin told a group of visiting members of the European Parliament today that their institution’s support for President Reagan’s Middle East peace Initiative was “destructive. ” He insisted that the Camp David accords are the only framework for peace negotiations. Begin said the peace process would not be affected by the changes in… More ▸

  • Arens Agrees to Serve As Defense Minister; His Nomination by Begin Virtually Assured of Approval

    The nomination of Moshe Arens as Defense Minister, replacing Ariel Sharon, appeared virtually certain of approval today. Arens, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. for the past year, has agreed to serve, Premier Menachem Begin’s personal aide, Yehiel Kadishai, told reporters this morning. The announcement came several hours before the Knesset was to vote on the… More ▸

  • Knesset to Action Decision by the Cabinet to Transfer Defense Portfolio to Begin

    Ariel Sharon will cease to be Defense Minister tomorrow if the Knesset, as expected, approves the Cabinet’s decision today to transfer the portfolio to Premier Menachem Begin. The Premier made it clear at the meeting that his tenure would be brief and temporary. He intends to name Moshe Arens, Israel’s Ambassador to Washington, a former… More ▸

  • Commission of Inquiry Makes Public Its Report Recommends Sharon Resign or Be Dismissed by Begin; Fau

    The commission of inquiry into the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps massacre called for the resignation of Defense Minister Ariel Sharon or his dismissal by Premier Menachem Begin for willfully ignoring the obvious dangers of “vengeance and bloodshed” against civilians when he allowed armed Christian Phalangists to enter the west Beirut camps last September 16… More ▸

  • Begin Expects Reagan’s Mideast Plan to Eventually ‘disappear’

    Premier Menachem Begin implied today that he expects President Reagan’s Middle East peace initiative to eventually “disappear.” Opening a political debate in the Knesset, Begin reiterated his total opposition to the Reagan plan which, among other things, called for a freeze on Israel’s settlement activities while peace negotiations are under way. Declaring that “One cannot… More ▸

  • Begin Invites Hussein to Join the Mideast Peace Process

    Premier Menachem Begin invited King Hussein of Jordan last night to join in the Middle East peace process. He insisted, however, that the invitation was being extended within the framework of the 1978 Camp David accords from which there must be no deviations, no contradictions and no additions that would change its meaning. Begin addressed… More ▸

  • Israel Angry at Reports That Begin’s Visit to Washington Might Be Postponed Unless Israel-lebanon Ta

    Premier Menachem Begin’s office reacted angrily today to reports from Washington hinting that unless there is quick progress in the negotiations between Israel and Lebanon, Begin’s visit to President Reagan at the White House next month might be postponed. Begin’s media spokesman, Uri Porat, denounced reports to that effect carried on the State-owned Kol Israel… More ▸

  • Taylor Meets with Begin

    Movie superstar Elizabeth Taylor, dogged by accident and ill-health during her visit to Israel, met briefly today with Prime Minister Menachem Begin at his office in Jerusalem. The session was part of Ms. Taylor’s one-woman peace effort: she plans to fly to Beirut tomorrow to see president Amin Gemayel and Israeli officials say she may… More ▸