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  • Tours to Mexico Cancelled

    Harold Ostroff, president of the Workmen’s Circle, announced cancellation of four tours of Mexico by its members as an expression of indignation at that country’s vote on the Zionism-racism resolution in the United Nations General Assembly. The tours had been arranged for January 23, May 7, July 9, and October 22, 1976. Advertised among the… More ▸

  • Mexico Agrees to PLO Office

    President Luis Echeverria ratified his promise given to Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasir Arafat to permit the PLO to open an information office in Mexico’s capital. The ratification of his promise came during a meeting here yesterday with a PLO delegation led by the head of its political department, Farouk Kaddumi. Echeverria originally made his… More ▸

  • Jewish Feminists Warn East Berlin Confab May Repeat Mexico City

    A group of Jewish feminists warned today that a Soviet-sponsored “conference of socialist feminists” scheduled for East Berlin in October may be used as a forum for anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activities as was the recent United Nations-sponsored International Women’s Conference in Mexico City. The New York Chapter of the Jewish Feminist Organization, a national… More ▸

  • Hausner Critical of Mexico for Not Admitting More Jews During Wwii

    Gideon Hausner the prosecutor of Adolf Eichmann, told visiting Mexican President Luis Echeverria last night that he was standing by his statement that Jews had generally been abandoned during the Holocaust, despite Echeverria’s demurrer that Mexico had been an exception. Hausner, now a Minister-Without-Portfolio, made the statement at the Vad Yashem Thursday night. Noting Echeverria’s… More ▸

  • Mexico’s President in Jerusalem

    Mexican President Luis Echeverria dined with Premier Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Yigal Allon and other top officials at the Premier’s residence here this evening–the first evening of his four-day official visit. The dinner was preceded by political talks which continued through the meal. After the dinner, the party was to join hundreds of other officials… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Condemn Women’s Resolution Adopted in Mexico

    A resolution equating Zionism with colonialism and calling for the elimination of both which was adopted last week by the International Women’s Year Conference in Mexico City was condemned here and by Jewish leaders throughout the world. The Foreign Ministry, expressing disgust, described the resolution as “another chapter in the moral bankruptcy of the UN.”… More ▸

  • Scientist Becomes First Jewish Member of Mexico’s National College

    Prof. Marcos Moshinsky, the noted scientist and researcher at the University of Mexico, became the first Jewish member of the National College, the country’s most prestigious intellectual academy. Moshinsky, 51 last Thursday, received the National Prize of the Academy for Scientific Investigation in 1961, and has also won the Elias Sourasky Award, named after the… More ▸

  • Some 1,000 Jews in Mexico City Participated in Courses, Seminars on Jewish Problems

    More than 1,000 members of the Jewish community of Mexico City have participated in the activities of the Center for Jewish Contemporary Studies during its first year, according to a report just received by the American Jewish Committee here. The Center, which celebrated its first anniversary this week, is co-sponsored by AJCommittee’s Mexico City office… More ▸

  • Ajcommittee Co-sponsors Center for Jewish Contemporary Studies in Mexico City

    The American Jewish Committee has announced its co-sponsorship of a Center for Jewish Contemporary Studies in Mexico City to further understanding of problems affecting Jews in various parts of the world. Working with the Committee will be the Bet-El Congregation of Mexico, in whose headquarters building the Center will be housed. Sergio Nudelstejer, director of… More ▸