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  • Left-wing Parties to Demand Mexico Halt Oil Sales to Israel

    A group of left-wing parties will introduce a bill in the Chamber of Deputies to suspend Mexican oil sales to Israel, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) has announced. It said it would act in concert with other leftist, progressive and “revolutionary circles” to compel Israel to evacuate “occupied Arab territories” and comply with other United… More ▸

  • Modai Seeks Oil in Mexico

    Energy Minister Yitzhak Modai left Israel today for Mexico for talks aimed at ensuring Israel’s oil supply from that country. Oil contracts are usually signed in September and October. It is understood that Modai was to make preliminary arrangements for an agreement. Israel buys one million tons of oil annually from Mexico. Its annual consumption… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Dulzin Finds Positive Attitude in Mexico Toward Zionism, Israel

    Leon Dulzin, chairman of the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency Executives, declared on his arrival here this afternoon from a four-day visit to Mexico that the attitude toward Israel and Zionism in that country is positive. He based his assessment on an hour-long meeting he had last Friday with Mexico’s President Jose Lopez Portillo…. More ▸

  • Mexico’s President Honored by 900 North American Jews

    President Jose Lopez Portillo was honored last Thursday night at a special convocation where he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The degree was conferred by Avraham Harman, president of the university, with the participation of Sam Rothberg, chairman of its Board of Governors, Prof. Shlomo Avineri… More ▸

  • Israel Buying Oil from Mexico to Offset Shortages from Iran

    Officials of the Energy Ministry said today that Israel was in no danger of running out of oil despite the drastic curtailment of production in strife-torn Iran which supplies about 70 percent of the country’s annual needs. They said Israel was maintaining its requirements through purchases of Mexican oil and the production of the off-shore… More ▸

  • El Al May Close Service to Mexico

    El Al may close down its weekly air service to Mexico which it says has lost about $2 million a year since it was inaugurated two years ago. The reasons are insufficient traffic and high costs, according to a report in Yediot Achronot today. But the national air carrier will make no final decision before… More ▸

  • Claims Mexico’s Relations with Israel Have Steadily Improved

    Mexico’s relations with Israel, badly strained two years ago over anti-Zionist resolutions in the United Nations General Assembly, are better than they have been for many years, according to Mexico’s Foreign Minister Santiago Roel. He told the press he was pleased with the growing cooperation between the two countries in the realms of business, science… More ▸