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  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Mexico

    Mexican Jewry, merely 50,000 strong, is still a cohesive and dynamic force, despite the turmoil caused by the nation’s critical economic and financial problems brought on by the sudden and severe slump in world oil prices. Almost 49,000 Jews reside in Mexico City, with its current population of more than 15 million. The remaining 1,000… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism in Mexico

    Serious problems of anti-Semitism are facing the Jewish community of Guadalajara, Mexico, according to Sergio Nudelstejer, director of the American Jewish Committee’s office for Mexico and Central America, who was in New York this week. In the past few months, he revealed, the Guadalajara Jewish community suffered two attacks. The first was a bomb placed… More ▸

  • Report Private Papers of Himmler Bought in Mexico for $40,000

    The private papers of Heinrich Himmler, chief of the German SS during the Nazi era, and of his family, were purchased recently in Mexico for $40,000 from a former Nazi, it was disclosed at a press conference today by Chaim Rosen-Thal, who until a few months ago was Israel’s Cultural Attache at the Israel Consulate… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Mexico

    There are three groups of Jews in Mexico: 43,000 Ashkenazim and Sephardim in separate kehillot, and about 150 native Mexicans, who are not recognized as Jews by the first two. All three groups try to avoid publicity and don’t like to talk to foreign journalists, particularly Jewish reporters from their big neighbor to the North…. More ▸

  • Mexico Says No Kfir Dba

    — Mexico’s Defense Minister, Gen. Felix Lopez, announced here that his country will not buy the Israel-made Kfir jet fighters for its air force, but he praised the Israeli army. Lopez arrived in Israel Jan. 11 at the head of a 16-man military delegation to inspect military installations and, specifically the Kfir, the first combat… More ▸

  • Mexico’s Oil Price Hike Hits Israel

    Israel will pay about 30 percent more for Mexican oil during the first quarter of 1980 than it did last year and can expect to pay still more later as a result of price hikes announced yesterday by the State-owned oil company, Pemex. The price of Mexican crude oil was raised from $24.60 to $30… More ▸