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  • Germans “liquidate” Ghetto in Dvinsk; No Jews Left in Minsk and in Vitebsk

    With the Russian Army advancing towards the Baltic countries, it was reported here today that the German authorities have “liquidated” the ghetto in the Latvian city of Dvinsk and transported the 11,000 Jews remaining there to an “unknown destination.” Swedish newspapers reporting details of the capture of Minsk by the Red Army, state that the… More ▸

  • Germans Reported Planning to Deport 15,000 Italian Jews to Russia for Forced Labor

    Ten thousand to 15,000 Italian Jews will probably be sent shortly to the Minsk area to construct fortification under the supervision of the German Todt Organization, according to a report received here today. The German military authorities, the report says, have cleared the Minsk district of most of its inhabitants in preparation for a German… More ▸

  • New Pogroms on Jews Throughout Poland; Nazis “liquidate” Ghettos in Many Cities

    Practically all the remaining Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Poland are now being “liquidated,” following the procedure used in Warsaw, and tens of thousands of Jews are being mercilessly slaughtered while others are attempting to flee into the neighboring woods in the hope of escaping extermination. Information reaching the Polish Government here today from the underground… More ▸

  • Ghettos in Number of Towns Liquidated As Jews Are Exterminated

    The ghettos in the towns of Palencia, Rembertow. Nowy-Dwor, Kaluszyn, Minsk Mazowieck were “liquidated” by the local Nazi authorities as the entire Jewish population there was either killed or deported to the “exterminating camps.” In the cities of Vilna, Lwow, Stanislawow, Tarnopol, Stryj enly a small number of Jews remain. In Warsaw, 6,000 Jews were… More ▸

  • Nazi General Orders Minsk Jews to Build Ghetto Walks with Their Own Material

    The ancient barbaric methods of the Pharaoh who forced the Jews in Egypt to build cities without supplying them with straw for bricks was emulated by the Nazis in Minsk who ordered the Jews there to build ghetto walls without supplying them with materials, Russian guerillas returning from Minsk where they operated in the rear… More ▸

  • Former Lithuanian Minister Reveals Thousands of Lithuanian Jews Killed by Nazis

    The massacre of thousands of Jews in many small towns in Lithuania was reported here today by M. Bilevithius, a former member of the Lithuanian Government. Mr. Bilevithius told a correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that almost all the Jews living in the towns of Vilkovishky, Tavrik, Olita, Mariampol and Neuschtadt were wiped out… More ▸

  • Massacre of 72,000 Jews in Minsk Described by Escaping Eye-witness

    An eye-witness account of the massacre of 72,000 Jews by the Nazis in the city of Minsk – 35,000 of them in one day in 1941 and the remainder at three other times in 1942 – was given here today in the form of a sworn affidavit to the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee by Sophia Ozerskaya,… More ▸