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  • Jewish Quarter in Bessarabian Town Attacked by Cuzists

    The headquarters of various Jewish organizations were attacked yesterday and damaged by rioting Cuzists in the town of Tighina, Bessarabia. A sign outside the headquarters of the Maccabee Association on Regina Maria Street was smashed. The rioters then proceeded to the Hebrew Gymnasium in Pushkingasse where they smashed eighteen windows. A police sergeant was injured… More ▸

  • Martial Law Authorized in Roumania; Fear Jews of Bessarabia Will Suffer

    After a long and bitter debate, in which the Jewish deputy, Michael Landau, took an opposing view, Parliament authorized the government to declare a state of martial law in Bucharest and the oil fields of Ploesti, and to extend it to the entire country if necessary. The decree was signed by King Carol in the… More ▸

  • Roumanian Parliament Told of Torture Cases in Bessarabian Provinces

    Interpellating in the Roumanian Parliament regarding the numerous cases of mistreatment to which Jews in Bessarabia have been subjected, the Jewish Deputy, Landau, exhorted the government to abolish the regime which made such acts of cruelty possible and to abandon its ostrich-like policy. Deputy Landau pointed to the occurrences during the past four months in… More ▸

  • Demand Radical Change in Bessarabian Administration

    An insistent and reiterated demand for a radical change in the Bessarabian administration is being made by the Bessarabian deputies at all meetings of the Parliamentary government party, it is disclosed today. The Bessarabian representatives demand the dismissal of many Bessarabian officials and especially that of the Prefect of Balti, George Hianoff. Balti is the… More ▸

  • New Case of Torture of Four Bessarabian Jews Revealed; Minister Orders Inquiry

    A new case of torture of Bessarabian Jews is disclosed today by the influential Roumanian daily, “Adeverul.” The paper relates the case of four Jews of Balti, owners of a stone quarry on the banks of the river Dneister, David Messner, M. Guttman, S. S. Sonnenstein and Z. Heinz, who were arrested at the beginning… More ▸

  • Roumanian Legation Contradicts Davila; Says Disciplinary Action Taken June 2nd

    The Roumanian Legation has addressed a letter to Jewish newspapers, without addressing itself also to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in which it states that disciplinary measures against Captain Panisoara were taken already on June 2nd, or “in other words, over 40 days ago.” This statement of the Roumanian Legation is contradicted by the statement made… More ▸

  • Inquisition Methods Against Jews in Bessarabia Jewish Daily Complains

    Inquisitional methods are being employed by the authorities in Bessarabia against the peaceful and economically ruined Jewish population of the province, the Yiddish daily “Unzer Zeit” complains in an editorial to-day. We receive harrowing details from delegations, heart-rending descriptions in letters, of acts of Sadistic savagery against respected Zionist workers, in the Chotin district who… More ▸