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  • To Suppress Bessarabian Anti-semitic Agitation

    Orders to suppress dangerous anti-Semitic agitation in the Roumanian province, Bessarabia, have been issued today by the Bessarabian Home Ministry as a result of the intervention of the Jewish deputies in the provincial parliament. During the past few weeks anti-Semitic propaganda in Bessarabia had reached alarming proportions, especially in the town of Baltza, as a… More ▸

  • Anti-semites Renew Attacks on Jews in Bessarabia, Raiding Houses, Shooting

    Renewed attacks on Jews are occurring in Bessarabia where the anti-Semites, members of the Iron Guard, maltreated members of the Jewish population at the summer resorts, Terkarnoli, and Movilla. A few of the ringleaders were arrested by the police. The shooting of M. Rotstein which was reported yesterday occurred in the village of Senghere, near… More ▸

  • Seek Funds for Jews of Hatin, Bessarabia

    A special fire-relief committee to aid the Jews who suffered from the great fire that occurred in the city of Hatin, Bessarabia, on May 25, leaving many Jews in great need, was appointed Wednesday at a meeting in Astoria Hall, called for that purpose by a temporary committee. The meeting was addressed by Leo Wolfson,… More ▸

  • Entire Jewish Population of Trusheny Flees to Kishinev to Escape Anti-semites

    The entire Jewish population in the township of Trusheny, in the Kishinev district, arrived in Kishinev today in great haste, fleeing from their home town because of the arrival of twenty-five anti-Semitic students who called on the peasants to kill the Jews. The correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed by telephone today from… More ▸

  • Entire Jewish Population of Trusheny Flees to Kishinev to Escape Anti-semites

    has promised to investigate and to punish the guilty Bereshty officials for permitting the anti-Semitic disorders to last for two full days. Minister of Justice Junian today issued an order to the provinces not to auction the property of peasants who are unable to meet their taxes, thus avoiding possible anti-Semitic excesses on the part… More ▸

  • Anti-semite Kills Prominent Jew in Bessarabian Town

    Sholom Landau, a prominent Jewish leader of Bessarabia, was shot and killed today in Uriev, Bessarabia, by former Professor Machedon, a notorious anti-Semite. An immediate investigation has been ordered by the local officials. More ▸

  • Roads Leading to Bessarabia Recall War Days As Troops March to Halt Anti-semites

    A situation reminiscent of the War days prevails on the principal roads and highways of the Maramuresh and South Bukowinan districts leading to Bessarabia as strong military detachments are arriving in connection with the anti-Semitic peasants’ movement, which is spreading from Bukowina to Bessarabia, and the march of the anti-Semitic youth organization, Iron Guard, the… More ▸

  • Government Ending Bukowina Disturbances As Agitation Spreads to Bessarabia

    While the government is carrying out its plans to stamp out the anti-Semitic disturbances in Bukowina new anti-Semitic agitation has broken out, this time in Bessarabia. The peasants there are being incited against the Jews by propaganda stating that the Jewish bankers are responsible for the low prices being received for this year’s crops. Reports… More ▸

  • Roumanian Anti-semitic Group Calls for March on Bessarabia

    Members of the anti-Semitic Roumanian organization, Iron Guard, are called upon to join in preparations for a great march to Bessarabia in order to “establish the national ideal,” according to a proclamation issued by the organization, the text of which has just reached here through the Hungarian Telegraphic Agency. The Agency says that the Iron… More ▸