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  • Soviets Decide to Resume Trial of Leningrad Nine, Trials in Riga, Kishinev

    The Soviet government has decided to resume the trial of nine Jews which was recessed last week, and will proceed with two others in Kishinev and Riga it was learned here today from reliable sources. The Leningrad trial, which was suddenly halted ten minutes after it opened last week due, according to reports, to the… More ▸

  • Report Three More Trials Scheduled Soon in Leningrad, Kishinev, Riga

    Three more trials involving Russian Jews charged with a variety of offenses will open in several Soviet cities shortly, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today from reliable sources. A new trial is expected to begin at the end of this month or early January in Leningrad where 11 persons, at least seven of them Jews,… More ▸

  • New Anti-semitic Book Appears in Soviet Union; Published in Kishinev

    A new book frankly anti-Semitic in character, accusing Jews of “actual or potential” disloyalty to the USSR, equating “rabbis and Zionists,” charging that the Jewish religion is “alien to the Soviet spirit,” and stating that some Jews bake and sell matzoth for the sole purpose of making large profits, was issued in the Soviet Union… More ▸

  • 60th Anniversary of Kishinev Pogrom to Be Commemorated in Israel

    The 60th anniversary of the infamous Kishinev Pogrom, the worst of Russian anti-Jewish massacres in the early years of the Twentieth Century, will be commemorated here next April 18, it was announced today by the World Federation of Bessarabian Jews, which has its headquarters in Tel Aviv. Leading members of the Government and of the… More ▸

  • Mass-execution of Jews in Russia Continues; Four More Shot in Kishinev

    Four Soviet citizens who are believed to have been Jews have been shot for alleged “speculation, ” and five others, also believed Jews, were given long prison sentences for similar “economic crimes, ” according to reports from Moscow received here today. Their trial took place in Kishinev. The latest victims of Soviet execution squads, not… More ▸

  • Jewish Engineer Held in Israel on Spy Charges; Came from Bessarabia

    A 58-year-old metals engineer, who came to Israel ten years ago from Soviet Bessarabia, has been arrested by the security police here on charges of espionage. His name was withheld in the announcement made today. Police said the engineer apparently had anticipated his arrest. A small vial of cyanide, a deadly poison, was found on… More ▸