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  • Russian Authorities Arrest Rumanians Guilty of Killing Jews in Bessarabia

    Russian authorities in occupied Rumanian territory have started rounding up Rumanian war criminals, including those who participated in executions of Jews in Bessarabia, Bukovina and Transnistria, it was reported here today. They will be placed on trial and punished in accordance with the statement of the Allies in which war criminals in enemy countries were… More ▸

  • Rumania Arrests Jews Moving from Bessarabia to Bucharest As “illegal Residents”

    Jews who are moving from Bessarabia to Bucharest, as the Russian Army gets closer to the Bessarabian frontier, are being arrested in the Rumanian capital as “illegal residents” the Hungarian press reaching here today reports. The report says that twenty-five such Jews have been sentenced in Bucharest to long-term imprisonment and heavy fines. Action against… More ▸

  • Train Carrying 20,000 Jews Deported from France Arrives in Bessarabia; Many Dead

    Twenty thousand Jews who were deported from France in filthy, sealed cattle cars without adequate supplies of food and water, have arrived in Rumania, according to a reliable report received here today from Bucharest. They were immediately sent to the “Jewish reservation” in Transnistria, the Nazi-occupied part of Ukraine which is at present under Rumanian… More ▸

  • German Radio Confirms Bessarabia “judenrein”; Hails “great Accomplishment” of Antonescu

    The German radio today, quoting the Rumanian newspaper “Bessarabia,” published in Kishinev, confirms previous Rumanian claims that the entire province of Bessarabia has been made “judenrein.” According to reports reaching here during the past few months, the Jews living in the province have all been deported to Transnistria, the Rumanian-occupied section of the Soviet Ukraine…. More ▸

  • Bessarabia is “judenrein,” Half of Jewish Population in Bukovina “removed”

    Bessarabia, the province of Rumania which had a Jewish population of 200.000 in 1940, is now completely “judenrein,” according to Redu Lecca, Rumanian Minister of Jewish Affairs. His statement, published in the Nazi press which reached here today, also adds that in the province of Bukovina “fifty percent of all the Jews have already been… More ▸

  • Most Bessarabian Jews Deported to Labor Camps on River Bug

    All but a “few thousand” of the Jews of Bessarabia have now been deported from the province to labor camps on the River Bug, according to Voiculescu, governor of Bessarabia, it is reported in a dispatch from a Bucharest correspondent to the Berliner Borsen Zeitung, which reached here today. The Rumanian official in the interview… More ▸

  • Chief Rabbis of Bessarabia and Holland Eulogized at London Meeting

    Official representatives of the Dutch government and of the Rumanian National Committee were among those who came to honor the memory of Chief Rabbi Judah Loeb Zirelson of Bessarabia and Rabbi M. Hirsch of Holland at a service held in the great synagogue on Cannon Street Road here today. Rabbi Zirelson was killed in his… More ▸