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  • Peres Says His Meeting with Hassan Got Widespread Support from Morocco’s Leading Parties and Organiz

    The recent meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Moroccan King Hassan met with widespread support from Morocco’s leading parties and organizations, Peres said Wednesday night. Asked about his visit with Hassan, Peres said contacts with Morocco were being maintained since his return home. “The answer is positive — they have been held, are… More ▸

  • Cabinet Gratified with Morocco Talks

    The Cabinet expressed its “gratification” Sunday over Premier Shimon Peres’ visit to Morocco last week for two days of talks with King Hassan, according to an official communique issued here. The Cabinet statement said Peres had reported at length on the talks, stressing that he believed Hassan genuinely sought peace and that peace benefitted from… More ▸

  • Moroccan Officials See Hassan-peres Meeting As ‘historic Turning Point’

    The two-day meeting last week between Premier Shimon Peres and King Hassan of Morocco was a “long-term success” and an “historic turning point” in the Arab-Israeli dispute, according to Moroccan officials quoted in media reports here. Two senior Moroccan Cabinet officials, Foreign Minister Abdel Atif Sillali and Minister of State Mulla Ahmed Allawi, stressed Israeli-Moroccan… More ▸

  • Background Report the Jews of Morocco

    The nearly 15,000 Jews in Morocco, scene of this week’s dramatic talks between King Hassan and Israeli Premier Shimon Peres, enjoy religious freedom as well as the right to emigrate to Israel, a step taken over the years by some 350,000 Jews who have left for Israel since 1948. Beyond these freedoms, unusual inasmuch that… More ▸

  • Peres Extends Visit to Morocco; Holding Further Talks with Hassan

    Premier Shimon Peres will stay in Morocco an additional day for a further talk with King Hassan, Moroccan sources said Wednesday. The Israeli leader who has been Hassan’s guest at his summer palace in Efrana since Monday night, had been scheduled to return to Israel Wednesday evening. According to the Moroccan sources, he has delayed… More ▸

  • Shamir Knew Peres Was Morocco-bound

    Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir said Monday he knew in advance of Premier Shimon Peres’ trip to Morocco for talks with King Hassan believed related to the Middle East peace process but declined to say whether he gave Peres his blessings. But President Chaim Herzog did. The Likud leader said on a radio interview that if… More ▸

  • Jews of Moroccan Origin Launch Group

    An international organization of Jews of Moroccan origin was launched yesterday at a meeting of the leaders of Jewish communities of a dozen countries, including Israel and Morocco. The organization will have a permanent secretariat in Paris and regional offices in countries where there are sizeable communities of Moroccan Jews who will be eligible for… More ▸

  • JNF Forest to Honor Moroccan Monarch

    A Jewish National Fund forest of 10,000 trees has been dedicated in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood in honor of King Mohammed V of Morocco, who died in 1961. The late king is revered by North African Jews for courageously refusing their deportation to Nazi Germany during World War II. Mohammed was the father of the reigning… More ▸

  • World Assembly of Moroccan Jewry Calls for Arab-israel Coexistence

    The first World Assembly of Moroccan Jewry ended with a call for Arab-Israel coexistence and a pledge to help promote a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. David Amar of Casablanca, president of the Council of Moroccan Jewish Communities, was elected president of the World Assembly at its organizing meeting here over the… More ▸