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  • Israel Museum Gets 500-year-old Torah from Anonymous Donor in Morocco

    A Torah scroll, written 500 years ago in Morocco, was presented by Premier Yitzhak Rabin to the Israel Museum yesterday. The scroll was a gift given by an anonymous donor. It originated in the village of Debdou in eastern Morocco and is now the museum’s oldest Torah valued at more than IL 100,000. No details… More ▸

  • Deny Moroccan Jews Left Israel Last Year to Return to Morocco

    The Jewish Agency denied a news service report today that substantial numbers of Moroccan Jews left Israel last year to return to Morocco. Yehuda Dominitz, deputy director of the Agency’s immigration and absorption department, claimed that not a single Jew emigrated from Israel to Morocco last year. Dominitz recalled similar reports last year of a… More ▸

  • Dulzin Denies Report of Planned Yerida by Many Moroccan Jews

    An unconfirmed report in Haaretz this morning that substantial numbers of North African Jews in Israel were planning to return to Morocco at the invitation of that country brought a strong denial from Jewish Agency treasurer Leon Dulzin and a Knesset motion by Likud leader Menachem Beigin for an investigation of reported “yerida” to Arab… More ▸

  • 6 Held in Murder of Moroccan

    Norwegian police arrested today six suspects, including an unidentified Israeli and two Jews, in connection with the murder last Saturday of a 30-year-old Moroccan, Ahmed Boushicki, who was allegedly linked to the Scandinavian branch of the Black September movement. Boushicki, a restaurant worker was shot down on a street in the Norwegian town of Lille-hammer…. More ▸

  • Moroccan and Algerian Troops of No Concern to Israel’s Security

    Moroccan and Algerian re-enforcements recently sent to Syria are of no particular concern to Israel, security circles said today. They said that about 1800 Moroccan troops and an undisclosed number of Algerians have been deployed in Syria, bolster Syrian forces along the Israeli border. But they will only create complications for the Syrian command,… More ▸

  • Report Moroccan Army Battalion in Syria to Fight Against Israel

    A Moroccan Army battalion arrived at the Syrian port of Latakia it was reported today to participate in “the fight against Israel.” Israeli officials dismissed the unit as a military threat and suggested that the dispatch of the troops to Syria may have been intended to reduce the threat of a military coup against King… More ▸

  • Moroccan Jews Deny ‘secret Society’

    The Jewish community in Morocco is currently up in arms over a news dispatch from the Middle East News Agency in Cairo, announcing “the formation of a secret society by Moroccan Jews for terrorist actions.” The agency also says the society seeks to “force Jews to immigrate to Israel.” One of the leaders of the… More ▸

  • King Hassan of Morocco Assures Jews of Protection

    Moroccan King Hassan II promised his country’s 30,000 Jews last, night that he would “continue to defend them” and said that they would continue to enjoy the same rights as the rest of the population, according to reports reaching here today. The King, who addressed a press conference at his summer palace in Rabat, said:… More ▸