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  • Special to the JTA Morocco Displays Warmth Toward Its Jewish Citizens and Cordiality Toward Israel

    The two-day national conference of Moroccan Jewish communities which opened here yesterday and ended tonight provided the occasion for a display of warmth by this Arab League member-state toward its 25,000 Jewish citizens and, more significant, cordiality toward Israel. The 35-member Israeli delegation among the 500 participants and observers from abroad included II Knesset members…. More ▸

  • 35-member Israeli Delegation Arrives in Rabat to Attend Conclave of Moroccan Jewish Communities

    A 35-member Israeli delegation arrived today in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, to attend the first national conference of Moroccan Jewish communities. Delegations from the United States and France will also be in attendance. The Conference, which begins today, will conclude tomorrow. The Israeli delegation arrived in Rabat via Paris, where they obtained their Moroccan… More ▸

  • Behind the Head Lines the Jews of Morocco

    The Moroccan version of America’s Fourth of July took place last March 3 throughout the length and breadth of this colorful and fascinating Moslem nation, and almost the entire Jewish population of close to 20,000 turned out en masse to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of their King’s ascension to the throne. In each of the… More ▸

  • Concern over Fate of Jewish Community in Tetuan, Morocco

    Serious concern is felt here for the safety of the Jewish community in Tetuan, Morocco after riots yesterday in which 30-70 persons reportedly were killed. Jewish organizaions have been unable to ascertain the fate of Tetuan’s 2,000 Jews because telephone and telex communications with Morocco have been disrupted for the past two days. The riots… More ▸

  • Morocco Announces Compromise Solution Reached Between the Arab League and Britain

    Morocco announced today that a compromise solution has been reached between the Fez summit participants and Britain, The Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in Rabat that an Arab League delegation, led by King Hassan of Morocco and including a Palestinian representative, will visit London February 7 and apparently meet Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Foreign Secretary… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Morocco

    The Jews of Morocco are steadfast and strong, yet inwardly troubled by peril to their unity and numbers. This situation was gleaned in heart-warming and stimulating meetings this reporter had with the heads of Jewish communities in the half dozen urban centers late last month. The cause of the inner anxiety was expressed succinctly by… More ▸

  • State Dept. Says There Are No Immediate Plans to Add Moroccan Troops to the Mnf

    The State Department indicated today that no troops from Morocco or other countries would be added to the Multinational Force now in Lebanon until an agreement on the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon is completed. Department spokesman John Hughes would not comment on reports that President Amin Gemayel of Lebanon was offered Moroccan… More ▸

  • Morocco’s F.m. Says His Country Welcomes Return of Sinai to Egypt but Israel Must Vacate All Areas O

    Foreign Minister M’Hamed Boucetta of Morocco made it clear today that while his country welcomes the return of the Sinai to Egypt it continues to oppose the Camp David process. Instead, he stressed, Morocco joins other Arab states in demanding a comprehensive peace agreement which includes Israeli withdrawal from all territories occupied since 1967, including… More ▸