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Moshe Dayan

  • Jewish Leaders Express Grief over the Death of Dayan

    American Jewish leaders expressed grief today over the death from heart attack of Moshe Dayan in Tel Aviv Friday and hailed him as one of the great figures of Israel and the Jewish people. Herschel Blumberg, national chairman, and Irving Bernstein, executive vice president of the United Jewish Appeal, observed that “Few men in this… More ▸

  • Labor Party Mulling Whether to Re-admit Dayan

    The Labor Party, rent by internal dissension and personal quarrels since its narrow defeat in the Knesset elections last June, now faces another divisive issue — whether to re-admit former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan to its fold. Dayan, who built his political career in the Labor Party, defected shortly before the 1977 elections and joined… More ▸

  • Dayan Says Israel Does Not Have A-bomb but Can Build One Quickly

    Moshe Dayan became today the highest ranking political figure in Israel to assert that Israel does not have atomic bombs. Speculation that Israel does have such atomic weapons have been circulating for years. But the former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister said Israel does have the capability to assemble such weapons quickly and that Israel… More ▸

  • Hurwitz Ready to Join Dayan’s Party

    — Former Finance Minister Yigal Hurwitz informed members of his Rafi faction last night that he is now prepared to join Telem, the new centrist political party headed by former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan. Hurwitz, who had previously rejected Dayan’s approaches, reversed himself after Dayan agreed to modify a plank in the Telem election platform… More ▸

  • Dayan Ready to Run in the Elections

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan said today that he has decided to run in the June 30 elections at the head of a new centrist political faction yet to be formed. But he will not make a formal announcement until he returns from a trip to Spain early next month. Addressing the Foreign Press Association… More ▸