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Moshe Dayan

  • Dayan and Kollek Meet with Former Jordanian Defense Minister

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, accompanied by Mayor Toddy Kollek, visited yesterday with Anwar Nusseibeh, the former Defense Minister of Jordan who is regarded as King Hussein’s unofficial representative in Jerusalem. Nusseibeh Insisted afterward that there was no special significance in their 30-minute “chat over coffee” at his East Jerusalem home. He acknowledged, however, that… More ▸

  • Dayan Says Mideast Situation is More Dangerous Than Imagined

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan said last night that the Mideast situation is more serious and potentially dangerous then that depicted in the press. Dayan spoke on the Israel television program “Moked.” Citing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the turbulence in Iron as examples of the volatile Moslem world, Dayan noted that the situation… More ▸

  • Dayan Denounces Plans to Relocate Elon Moreh Settlers to New Site

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan denounced the plans to relocate the Elon Moreh settlers at Djebil Kebir. He called the move “a calamity” costing the government millions of Pounds because the new site has neither strategic nor security value and is isolated in the midst of a densely populated Arab area of the West Bank…. More ▸

  • Dayan, Eban Debate Palestinian Future

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan does not expect the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians to accept the autonomy scheme, even if Israel and Egypt agree on all its details. Dayan made this clear yesterday in a live radio discussion with another former Foreign Minister, Abba Eban. It is for that reason, Dayan explained, that he… More ▸

  • Dayan: Israel Willing to Aid U.S. in Iran Hostage Situation

    Former Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, said today that if the United States, after exhausting all diplomatic means to free its hostages in Iran, decides to resort to military action, Israel will be willing to make the Haifa port and military airfields — “but not Israeli soldiers” — available to the Americans. But Dayan, speaking… More ▸

  • Dayan Predicts Next Mideast Peace Move Will Be with Jordan

    Former Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan predicted here today that the next peace move in the Middle East will be with Jordan and not with the Palestinians. He also dismissed what he called the sensationalism surrounding the arrest and deportation order against Mayor Bassam Shaka of Nablus. He said that if the Israeli Supreme Court… More ▸

  • Dayan Suggests Military Option to Free U.S. Hostages in Iran

    Moshe Dayan, former foreign Minister of Israel, said here last night he believed a military option is necessary to resolve the situation in Iran where Moslem students are continuing to hold 60 American hostages at the American Embassy in Teheran. He expressed hope that Egypt would cooperate with Israel should the U.S. ask to use… More ▸

  • Dayan Says Begin Governmentis Pled Ged to Annex West Bank, Gaza

    Former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan has charged that Premier Menachem Begin’s government is pledged to annex the west Bank and Gaza Strip after the five year autonomy period, a course that he could not countenance and which led to his resignation from the Cabinet last week. Speaking on a radio interview Friday night, Dayan implied… More ▸