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Moshe Sharett

  • Sharett Arrives in U.S. for Important Talks; Was in Latin America

    After spending about a month in South and Central America, where he addressed numerous gatherings and was honored by the Jewish communities, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, arrived here today to confer–together with Arieh Pincus, Jewish Agency treasurer–on urgent matters with leaders of the Jewish Agency executive here, as well as with… More ▸

  • Sharett Makes United Jewish Campaign in Argentina a Great Success

    Results in Argentina’s United Jewish Campaign for 1963 exceeded even the most optimistic estimates following appearances at campaign meetings by Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive in Jerusalem, who is currently visiting this country. Mr. Sharett’s direct participation in meetings in various parts of Argentina resulted in many cases in contributions which were… More ▸

  • Sharett Addresses Giant Rally in Buenos Aires; Urges Aid to Israel

    Jews should not fear Nasser’s designs against Israel but should, rather, beware of their own indifference to Israel when they fail to contribute adequately to the United Campaign, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, declared here last night. He and General Joseph Avidar, Israel’s Ambassador to Argentina, were among the principal speakers at… More ▸

  • Sharett Warns on Statements Affecting Prestige of Zionist Movement

    A warning against “harmful statements” apt to lower the prestige of the Zionist movement was issued at the meeting of the World Zionist Actions Committee by Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, who called the movement irreplaceable. “Let us cease polemics and get on with the job, ” he said. He asserted that… More ▸

  • Sharett Urges Wizo to Aid Newcomers; Says Immigration is Rising

    Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive today urged members of the Israel WIZO, the Women’s International Zionist Organization, to intensify their efforts in absorbing newcomers. Addressing the 350 delegates attending the 12th national conference of the organization, Mr. Sharett noted that the rate of immigration into Israel was steadily rising. He said the… More ▸

  • Sharett Sees No Sign of Moscow Giving Jews Spiritual Freedom

    Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, asserted here last night that “there are no signs that the Russian Jews would have spiritual freedom, necessary for their survival, in the foreseeable future. ” He made the statement in an address before the British Poale Zion here. “Any totalitarian rule, ” he said, “is the… More ▸

  • Sharett Foresees New Record of Immigration to Israel in Current Year

    The current year will mark a new record in immigration if the trend during the past few months continues, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, declared here today. Addressing the current meeting of the Zionist Actions Committee, the supreme ruling body of the world Zionist movement between Zionist Congresses, Mr. Sharett said that… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Attacks Zionism at Public Meeting; is Refuted by Sharett

    Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion delivered a strong attack on Zionism, reiterating his previous statements on the subject including the concept that non-Zionists had built Israel. Speaking in one of his more belligerent moods, Mr. Ben-Gurion asked: “How many Moroccan Jews bought shekels and now many of their delegates participated in Zionist Congresses? Yet it is… More ▸

  • Sharett Returns to Israel with ‘renewed Admiration’ for U.S. Jewry

    “I am returning home with renewed admiration for the spirit of dedication which large numbers of American Jews are showing for Israel exemplified by their activities for and contributions to the United Jewish Appeal,” Moshe Sharett, former Israel Prime Minister and chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, declared here today prior to his departure… More ▸

  • Pioneer Women Present $50,000 to Mrs. Sharett As Gift for Israel

    Pioneer Women, the Women’s Labor Zionist Organization of America, presented today to Mrs. Moshe Sharett, wife of the chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, a check for $50,000 to be transmitted to Moetzet Hapoalot, the organization’s sister group in Israel. Mr. and Mrs. Sharett are currently visiting the United States. More ▸