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Moshe Sharett

  • Sharett Says Zionism Can Check Assimilation; Speaks in Los Angeles

    The only force in Jewish life today that can attack the tide of assimilation and preserve Jewishness is the Zionist movement, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, told an overflow audience Tuesday evening at Temple Emanuel here. Hundreds of persons seeking admission were turned away. “Perpetuation of Jewishness is not guaranteed,” he said…. More ▸

  • Sharett Sees Judaism Imperiled; Cites Treatment of Jews in Russia

    Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, declared here today that “as long as democracy is not universal in the world, Judaism is imperiled. He spoke before a packed hall at a meeting sponsored by the B’nai B’rith here. He will proceed from here to the United States for a month-long tour on behalf… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Answers Russia; Sharett Denounces Moscow’s Charges

    Sharp denunciation of Moscow’s charges against Zionism, made in the Soviet newspaper Trud–which also alleged that Israeli diplomats had recruited Soviet Jews for anti-Soviet espionage–was voiced here today by Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive. Addressing a press conference, the Jewish Agency leader ridiculed the Trud assertions that Zionism was a “reactionary movement,… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Says Jewish Agency Work is Important; Replies to Sharett

    Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion today assured former Premier Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, that he was fully aware of the importance of the Jewish Agency’s activities in the fields of immigration, absorption and settlement and that his statement last week in Parliament–for which Mr. Sharett criticized him–had been misinterpreted. That was the… More ▸

  • Sharett Rebukes Ben-gurion Publicly for Remark on Jewish Agency

    Moshe Sharett, former Prime Minister and ex-Foreign Minister of Israel, now chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, made public today a sharp letter to Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, criticizing the latter for some remarks on the Jewish Agency made by Mr. Ben-Gurion during a debate in the Knesset (Parliament) here last week. In the Knesset… More ▸

  • Sharett Stresses Need of Better Education to Perpetuate Jewishness

    Emphasizing that “not all Jews can go to Israel,” Moshe Sharett, Israel’s former Minister and ex-Premier, told a conference on Jewish education here today that perpetuation of Jewishness in the lands of the Diaspora cannot be taken for granted and must be strengthened through Jewish education. “Not all Jews can go to Israel,” he said…. More ▸

  • Israel Can Double Its Population in ‘foreseeable Future,’ Sharett Says

    Israel can double its present population of 2,000,000 “in the foreseeable future” but a great effort will be required to do this while maintaining the present standard of living and the services of the welfare state, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, declared here last night. Jewish positions, he said, are being demolished… More ▸

  • Sharett Condemns Zealots Campaign Against Youth Immigration System

    Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency, today condemned the campaign being conducted by ultra-religious zealots against the Agency’s youth immigration department. The department, said Mr. Sharett, “has had under its charge for many years the sons and daughters of Orthodox families, and no pretest had been voiced against the spirit or the tone of… More ▸

  • Yaacov Sharett Accuses Soviet Union of Framing ‘ Fake Espionage Charge’

    Yaacov Sharett, First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy at Moscow, who was ousted by the Soviet Government this weekend, accused the USSR on his arrival here last night, on his way home to Jerusalem, of trumping up “a fake espionage charge” against him. Mr. Sharett said that he and his wife were arrested last Thursday,… More ▸