• Netanyahu makes Clinton an offer

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined for U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton actions he could take to “improve the atmosphere,” the State Department said. More ▸

  • ‘Tachles’ needs better definition

    To the Editor: In your article "U.S.-Israel crisis: This time, it’s serious," you referred to "tachles" — defined in the same sentence as "increased assistance to Israel in the realm of military cooperation, such as missile defense, and ramped up pressure on Iran to make its nuclear intentions transparent." I believe the term needs further explanation,… More ▸

  • Obama, Clinton approach is correct

    To the Editor: President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are correct to use diplomatic levers to persuade Prime Minister Netanyahu that settlement building in East Jerusalem runs contrary to Israeli and U.S. security because it is incompatible with negotiations on a peace agreement and a two-state solution. East Jerusalem is not part of Israel,… More ▸

  • Eastern Jerusalem not off-limits

    To the Editor: Vice President Biden should be aware that building in East Jerusalem is not the West Bank, where Prime Minister Netanyahu has frozen construction of new housing. He did not agree to freezing construction in East Jerusalem. Whether construction takes place there should not impede peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Avrom Aaron Levy… More ▸

  • Israel must apologize to U.S.

    To the Editor: The decision to announce the new eastern Jerusalem settlements during Vice President Biden’s visit is obviously a slap in the face to the U.S. meant to embarrass the Obama administration. If Prime Minister Netanyahu was unaware of this timing, he should speak out publicly ASAP to denounce the Interior Ministry for its… More ▸