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  • Obama pre-1967 borders remark recalls Carter-Rabin kerfuffle

    President Obama gave an internationally televised speech yesterday outlining United States Middle East policy. The address was largely lauded by American Jewish institutions, but raised some eyebrows while addressing the future borders of a Palestinian state, especially from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in Washington today, and had responded that the pre-1967 lines… More ▸

  • Give J Street its voice

    To the Editor: I have read several accounts of the J Street convention and what I’m finding on the JTA is another attempt to delegitimize J Street. In a world where anything to the left of Ghengis Khan is "left wing," J Street is declared by the PR steamroller as anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist, which is… More ▸

  • Bibi off base on equality view

    To the Editor: On the conviction of ex-Israeli president Moshe Katsav for rape, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a thoughtful comment for a change. "This is a sad day for the State of Israel and its residents,” Netanyahu said in a statement following the verdict. "Today the court conveyed two clear-cut messages — that all… More ▸

  • Boys’ rights

    To the Editor: In the wake of the Katsav conviction, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "Today, the court conveyed two clear-cut messages — that all are equal before the law and that every woman has exclusive rights to her body." So when will the law find males "as equal" as females, and forbid non-therapeutic… More ▸