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  • Germany Won’t Participate in Netherlands War Commemorations

    Germany will not take part in Holland’s commemoration of its victims of World War II, to be held May 4, 1995, or in the May 5 ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945. But Germany will be a part of a Dutch commemoration scheduled for May 8, 1945, which… More ▸

  • Commemoration Held in Holland for Dutch Victim of Tel Aviv Blast

    A commemoration was held this week for the 21 Israelis and the single Dutch victim who died in the Oct. 19 suicide bombing of a bus in the heart of Tel Aviv. Among those attending Sunday’s ceremony at the Ashkenazic synagogue in The Hague were Dutch Interior Minister Hans Dijkstal, Israeli Ambassador Michael Bawly and… More ▸

  • Holland’s Jews Join Debate over German Role in Celebrations

    As Holland prepares for the 50th anniversary of its liberation from the Nazis, Jews here are joining the debate over whether Germany should be invited to participate in the commemorations. Representatives of Holland’s Ashkenazic, Sephardic and Liberal congregations recently weighed into the debate with a statement saying that the Jewish community in Holland was not… More ▸

  • Dutch Police Arrest Three Israelis

    Cooperating with an Israeli effort to crack down on Israeli drug traffickers around the world, Dutch police recently arrested three Israelis who allegedly operated a laboratory for the production of a drug known as Ecstasy. Police discovered the laboratory, located in the town of Wormerveer, some 19 miles north of Amsterdam, after neighbors complained about… More ▸

  • Palestinian Police Train in Holland

    A contingent of Palestinian police from the Gaza Strip is in the Netherlands taking lessons from the Dutch police on how to maintain order and control violence using peaceful methods. The 22-member contingent, led by Brig. Gen. Ziad Arif, is to remain until the end of October. In mid-September, the Dutch government donated 32 mobile… More ▸

  • Holland Jewry Halts Aid to Refugees

    The Jewish Social Welfare Foundation here has announced it will no longer give legal assistance to refugees from the former Soviet Union seeking political asylum in Holland. Explaining its decision, the foundation said it believes that many of those arriving from the former Soviet Union have attained forged documents to back up claims of their… More ▸

  • Dutch Royalty to Visit Jordan, Israel

    Holland’s Queen Beatrix and her husband, Prince Consort Claus, will pay a three-day state visit to Jordan from Dec. 8 to 10 and a three-day state visit to Israel from March 27 to 29. Announcement of the intended visits follows years in which the Dutch Foreign Ministry determined that an official visit by the royal… More ▸

  • Wiesenthal Center Urges the Dutch to Revive Its Extradition Efforts

    The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center is urging the Dutch government to again seek the extradition of Dutch Nazi war criminal Abraham Kipp from Argentina. Appearing on a Dutch television program Sunday night, Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Israeli office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said there was a better chance now for Kipp’s extradition… More ▸

  • Jews for Jesus Opens in Amsterdam

    A branch of Jews for Jesus has been established in Amsterdam. Calling itself Beth Yeshua, the group of so-called messianic Jews meets weekly for Sabbath services. The group’s leader is a Dutch-born Jew who believes that the opposition of many Jews to Jews converted to Christianity is a remnant of “ghetto mentality.” The establishment of… More ▸

  • Netherlands Prosecutor Sees No Chance to Get War Criminal Kipp from Argentina

    A Dutch request to Argentina for the extradition of war criminal Abraham Kipp stands no chance of succeeding, according to the Netherlands’ public prosecutor. Paul Brilman, who heads the Dutch effort to find missing Dutch war criminals abroad, said he has known for several years that Kipp was living in Argentina. However, he said, the… More ▸