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  • Dutch Protest Racism

    Thousands of Dutch citizens denounced racism and xenophobia in a demonstration here last week that capped a weeklong anti-racism campaign of awareness and protest in Holland. Police said that 15,000 people took part in the March 21 demonstration, though organizers said more than double that number were present. More ▸

  • Dutch Court Rejects Nazi’s Request

    The higher district court in The Hague has rejected a petition from convicted Nazi collaborator Jacob Luitjens that he be released from prison pending a decision on his request for a pardon. The court said Luitjens, who was extradited to Holland from Canada in November, has challenged his life sentence for collaboration meted out in… More ▸

  • Dutch University Confiscates Paper That Mocked Anne Frank

    The University of Groningen, in northern Holland, has confiscated all remaining copies of a student newspaper that poked fun at Anne Frank and made anti-Semitic remarks about the country’s Jewish community. The director of the student union that publishes the paper immediately suspended three of its editors and is considering expelling them from the student… More ▸

  • Holocaust Monument in Amsterdam Vandalized a Day Before Dedication

    Vandals damaged a monument commemorating the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz a day before it was unveiled in a ceremony at Amsterdam’s Wertheim Gardens. At Sunday’s ceremony, which took place despite the vandalism, Amsterdam Mayor Ed Van Thijn, a Jew and a Holocaust survivor, pointed out how the monument’s defacement created a link with the… More ▸

  • Escaped Dutch War Criminal Located Living in Germany

    A former Dutch war criminal who managed to escape from prison in 1952 and flee to Germany has been recently located in the German city of Hagen. Herbert Bikker, 77, was tracked down by Dutch Nazi-hunter Jacques Kooistra, and an interview with him was broadcast on Dutch television. Bikker, who escaped from prison during Christmas… More ▸

  • Jan Gies, Who Hid Anne Frank, Dead in Amsterdam at Age 87

    Jan Gies, the man who helped hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis in the Amsterdam “secret annex,” died Tuesday at the age of 87. Gies, together his wife Miep, helped hide the Frank family and four other Jews in an upstairs hidden loft above Otto Frank’s own business from July 1942 until… More ▸

  • Police Stop 1,000 Anti-semitic Fans from Attending Dutch Soccer Game

    Riot police prevented 1,000 soccer fans who were singing anti-Semitic songs and shouting neo-Nazi slogans from attending a soccer match last Sunday in Diemen, an eastern suburb of Amsterdam. The fans had traveled from Utrecht to Diemen to cheer on their home team, which was playing against the Amsterdam team Ajax. As the fans got… More ▸

  • Dutch Minister Cancels Israel Trip Following a Request from Arafat

    Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers has asked his minister of justice to postpone a planned visit to Israel following a request by Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasir Arafat. Lubbers admitted that Arafat had asked him to use his good relations with Israel to help resolve the standoff over more than 400 Moslem fundamentalists deported by… More ▸

  • El Al Blames Boeing for Amsterdam Crash

    An internal investigation by El Al into the crash of one of its Boeing 747 cargo jets in Amsterdam on Oct. 4 has laid full blame for the disaster on the plane’s American manufacturer. The report, published Sunday, recommends that the airline sue the Seattle-based Boeing Corp. for full damages. The decision noted a similar… More ▸

  • Dutch Give Up on El Al Recorder

    The Dutch Aviation Board has abandoned hope of retrieving the cockpit voice recorder of an El Al 747 plane that crashed in Amsterdam three months ago. The government agency had offered 10,000 guilders ($5,400) for information leading to retrieval of the recorder in the Oct. 4 crash of the Israeli jumbo jet, which slammed into… More ▸