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New Zealand

  • Australian Zionists Seek to Double Membership; $30,000 Raised in New Zealand

    The Australian Zionist Federation today launched a campaign throughout the entire country, aimed at doubling the present membership of the Federation. In a call issued here, it stresses the need for carrying out urgent political tasks. At the same time it was announced that $88,000 have already been collected in Sydney for the Jewish National… More ▸

  • New Zealand Will Support Zionist Aims at Peace Conference, Prime Minister Indicates

    The hope that New Zealand’s representatives at, the peace conference “will stand four-square for justice for the ancient homeland of the Jewish people,” was voiced here today by Prime Minister Peter Fraser, addressing a conference of the New Zealand Zionist Federation. “It is right and natural,” the Prime Minister said, “for Jews to desire to… More ▸

  • New Zealand Prime Minister Expresses Sympathy for Jews in Nazi Europe

    His sympathy with the plight of the Jews in Nazi Europe and his interest in the development of a Jewish National Home in Palestine was expressed by Prime Minister Peter Fraser when receiving Michael Traub, representative of the Keren Hayesod in Jerusalem, now on a visit to New Zealand. Mr. Traub arrived here to conduct… More ▸

  • New Zealand Premier Hails Heroism of Palestinians

    Prime Minister Peter Frazer of New Zealand, who visited the Near East en route to London, today praised the performance of Palestinian troops, in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “The Palestinians fought splendidly in Greece and Crete, shoulder to shoulder with the New Zealanders and Australians,” he said. “They shared the trials and… More ▸

  • Plan to Settle Jews on Island Near New Zealand Outlined in Book

    A plan for settlement of Jewish refugees on the uninhabited island of Chatham, near New Zealand, is outlined by Engineer Desider Stern, of former Czechoslovakia, in a book entitled “Colonization Plan for Jews.” The plan will be submitted to the refugee conference opening in Washington next week. More ▸

  • New Zealand to Admit Czechoslovak Refugees

    W. E. Barnard, speaker of the House of Representatives, has declared that if New Zealand opens its doors to immigration, refugees from Czechoslovakia should be given first consideration. Barnard paid tribute to Prime Minister Michael J. Savage for his statement promising to aid the Czechoslovak refugees. The Speaker expressed the hope that the declaration would… More ▸

  • New Zealand to Admit Czech Refugees

    High Commissioner W.J. Jordan declared today that New Zealand was prepared to admit and find work for as many Czech refugees as possible within the limits of the country’s requirements. More ▸

  • Jew Named Chief Justice of New Zealand

    Michael Myers, K. C., foremost New Zealand Jewish jurist, was appointed Chief Justice of New Zealand, it was announced here today. Chief Justice Myers, who is now 56 years of age, has had a brilliant career. Mr. Myers is president of the Jewish Social Club of Wellington. In connection with the high honor conferred upon… More ▸