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New Zealand

  • New Organization Founded to Represent New Zealand Jewry

    A new organization authorized to represent the New Zealand Jewish community has been established in Wellington at a national conference attended by Jewish leaders from all the centers of Jewish population. The new umbrella group is to be known as the New Zealand Jewish Council. New Zealand’s Jewish community numbers 3,500 and is divided mostly… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of New Zealand

    — Educational standards at Auckland’s small Jewish elementary school are so high that non-Jewish parents compete to enroll their children in it. Thus, while its cuisine is kosher and the character of an important part of its curriculum is Jewish, two-thirds of both pupils and teachers are non-Jewish. Founded in 1965 as a kindergarten, Kadim… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of New Zealand

    Since their arrival among the first British settlers in New Zealand nearly a century-and-a-half ago, Jewish New Zealanders never felt seriously troubled by anti-Semitism. They do now. An upsurge of what may be called traditional anti-Semitism is deeply concerning the tiny community of approximately 4,000 Jews who live mainly in the cities of Auckland and… More ▸

  • Australia, New Zealand Opposed to Banning Israel from the UN

    Australia declared officially Friday that it would “strongly oppose any moves designed to exclude Israel from participating in the General Assembly or other United Nations bodies.” In a statement released in Canberra, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Don Willesee, said it was the longstanding position of the Australian government to support Israel’s continuing membership… More ▸

  • Ervin Kaldor, Jewish Leader in New Zealand. Australia, Dead at 61

    B’nai B’rith mourned the death of Ervin Kaldor, who had served during the past year as president of the organization in Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Kaldor died in Australia Feb. 23 after an illness. He was 61. B’nai B’rith president David M. Blumberg, who last May installed Mr. Kaldor for a three-year term as… More ▸

  • Israel Backs New Zealand’s Opposition to French Nuclear Tests

    Premier Golda Meir informed Premier Norman Kirk of New Zealand today that Israel backed his country’s opposition to French nuclear tests in the South Pacific area. Mrs. Meir was replying to a cable which Kirk sent he and scores of other national leaders asking their support for New Zealand’s opposition to the tests. The Israeli… More ▸

  • Italian and New Zealand Jews and Non-jews Protest Soviet Treatment of Jews

    The Italian Jewish Youth Federation collected 3000 signatures yesterday on a petition to the Soviet Ambassador in Rome asking full constitutional rights for Soviet Jews, including the right of emigration, and the release of two young Jews arrested in Riga. At a rally on Place Navona, the group distributed pamphlets, displayed posters and engaged in… More ▸

  • Prime Minister Gorton Recalls Australian-new Zealand Fighters in Middle East

    Prime Minister John Gorton of Australia recently recalled the time when soldiers of his country and New Zealanders fought side by side in the Middle East with Jewish soldiers of Palestine and declared that Australia’s ties with Israel were as close as ties could be between any two countries, Mr. Gorton spoke here at a… More ▸

  • New $630,000 Synagogue Opened in New Zealand, Church Leaders Attend Ceremony

    A new $630,000 synagogue was officially opened here with ceremonies in which church dignitaries joined with leaders of New Zealand’s Jewish community. The building, replacing an 83-year-old synagogue, has a seating capacity of 800, a social hall, classrooms and administrative offices. The Jewish population of New Zealand is estimated at about 2,000. More ▸