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  • NJDC takes on McCain, “Big Oil”

    The National Jewish Democratic Council’s latest ad is its first of the election season to go negative on John McCain. Headlined “Energy independence? McCain’s ties to Big Oil keep up dependent on Middle East Oil,” the advertisement criticizes the Republican nominee for promising to give tax breaks to oil companies and collecting campaign contributions from… More ▸

  • Political tidbits: Silverman talks about the “schlep,” new ads and more

    Sarah Silverman talks to the New York Times about her video for “The Great Schlep.” The National Jewish Democratic Council’s new advertisement deals with energy independence, while the Republican Jewish Coalition’s latest is about Obama’s statement that he would meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “without preconditions.” Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff reveals that Barack Obama’s campaign… More ▸

  • NJDC focuses on choice

    Reproductive choice is the focus of the National Jewish Democratic Council’s newest advertisement, running in Jewish newspapers around the country this week. Headlined “Choice. Protecting the right to choose starts with your choice this November,” the ad has a photo of a young woman next to two quotes: One from Barack Obama saying he will… More ▸

  • Looking at why Orthodox Jews have gone GOP

    John McCain’s overwhelming 78-13 percent lead over Barack Obama among Orthodox Jews in this week’s American Jewish Committee poll was just the latest example of how Orthodox Jews – at least at the presidential level – have become strong backers of the GOP. The reason? For Orthodox Jews, Israel is far and away the most… More ▸

  • Political tidbits: Ad wars, Sarah Silverman and more

    JTA’s Ami Eden critiques a Republican Jewish Coalition ad linking Barack Obama and Pat Buchanan, and reports on another one quoting Democrats who have praised John McCain. The New York Times reports that Obama is now running dubious ads about McCain, including one that hits below the belt in an effort to scare Latino voters…. More ▸

  • RJC: Hastings and Cohen “offensive”

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is responding quickly to Rep. Alcee Hastings’ (D-Fla.) comment that “anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks” at Wednesday’s National Jewish Democratic Council conference. It calls that remark and Rep. Steve Cohen’s comment that Jesus was “a great Democrat” inappropriate… More ▸

  • DCCC chairman: RJC “shameful”

    The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called the Republican Jewish Coalition “shameful” for the way the group has tried to use Israel “as a wedge issue.” Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said the organziation was breaking with a tradition “that has united Democrats and Republicans since Harry Truman.” He spoke at a reception… More ▸