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  • Norway Holds Israel Should Try Eichmann; Justifies Capture

    Norwegian thought. as reflected in private and official views in the local press and radio, holds that Israel should try Adolf Eichmann. In the Norwegian view. Israel was Justified in the extraordinary measures necessitated to take Eichmann into custody. Norwegian public opinion is that Israel would conduct the trial rather than extraditing the Nazi to… More ▸

  • Arabs Blacklist 20 Norwegian Ships for Carrying Freight to Israel

    Twenty Norwegian merchant ships are now being blacklisted by the Arab League for having in the past carried freight to Israel, according to a Norwegian Government announcement received here today. The announcement states that these 20 ships are now “barred from calling at Arab ports.” More ▸

  • Norway to Withdraw from U.N. Force if Israel-arab Fighting Develops

    The Norwegian Army High Command announced here that Norwegian troops serving in the United Nations Emergency Force on the Egyptian-Israel border would be withdrawn immediately if serious fighting developed between the United Arab Republic and Israel. The Norwegian command said the troops are stationed near the Israel-Egyptian truce line only for police duty and are… More ▸

  • Captain of Norwegian Ship Quizzed by Egypt for Hours on Mail to Israel

    The Israel-bound mail from Australia, confiscated 10 days ago by Egypt, came into Egyptian hands because of a rerouting of the ship carrying the mail it was learned today when the ship stopped here. It was learned also that the vessel’s captain was put through a stiff, six-hour quizzing by the Egyptians. The Israeli mail… More ▸

  • Egypt Seizes Shipments to Israel from Norwegian Ships; Israel Protests

    Israel today denounced as “pure robbery” two Egyptian seizures of goods being shipped from Australia to Israel, both shipments having been aboard Norwegian ships. Several days ago, United Arab Republic authorities confiscated meteord logical equipment being shipped from Australia to Israel aboard a Norwegian freighter, the S. S. Tagos. Then the UAR took from another… More ▸

  • Egypt Refuses Fresh Water to Norwegian Ship Which Carried Cargo to Israel

    The Norwegian ship S.S. Sekvic, which had been refused fresh supplies of water at Port Sudan and prohibited from loading cargo for Europe because she plied the Israel trade, returned to Elath today. The Norwegian vessel will take on adequate water supplies at the Israeli port and will return home without cargo. More ▸

  • Norwegian Ship Carrying Cargo to Israel Through Suez Reaches Eilat

    The S. S. Sylvik, a Norwegian freighter that has been overdue at the Port of Eilat after negotiating the Suez Canal, is safe in port today. Fears had been voiced that it might have been seized by the United Arab Republic while passing through the Canal The Sylvik brought more than 2,000 tons of sulphur… More ▸

  • Norwegian Ship Fails to Arrive at Elath; Fear Egypt’s Interference

    The Norwegian freighter, S.S. Sylbac, failed to arrive today as scheduled at Elath, giving rise to fears at the Negev port that the ship might have been stopped at Suez. Officials said no wireless contact could be made with the freighter which had been scheduled to pass through the Suez Canal. The ship was carrying… More ▸

  • Norway to Cooperate with Israel on Use of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes

    Israel hopes to acquire an atomic power plant by 1965 through close cooperation with Norway, Prof. Ernst Bergman, chairman of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, said today. He made the statement in summing up the results of a visit here by a team of world-famous Norwegian atomic scientists who discussed the peaceful uses of atomic… More ▸