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  • Norwegian Delegation Arrives in Germany to Select Jewish Dp’s

    An advance delegation from Norway has arrived here to interview residents of Foehrenwald, last Jewish DP camp on German soil, who have expressed an interest in settling in the Scandinavian country. To help solve the problem presented by “hard-core” Jewish DP’s who remained in Germany for ten years without being able to integrate themselves into… More ▸

  • Norway to Accept Displaced Jews from Germany As Immigrants

    Up to 100 displaced persons and their dependents now living in camps in Germany and Austria will be accepted as immigrants by Norway within the next few months, under a special plan of the Norwegian Government and the Joint Distribution Committee made public here today. The agreement was reached by the Refugee Council of Norway,… More ▸

  • Jewish Doctor Gets Norwegian Gold Medal for Medical Paper

    Dr. Leo Eitinger, a Norwegian Jewish physician, has #### awarded the King’s Gold Medal for a paper on the effects of military life on ######## health of Norwegian soldiers, it was announced here today. The paper ############## in a competition sponsored by the Medical Faculty of Oslo. More ▸

  • Israel Concludes Trade Pacts with Norway and Holland

    The signature here of an Israel-Norwegian trade pact involving the exchange of goods valued at over $3,500,000, was announced today. Norway will supply Israel with fish, fish products, chemicals, aluminum and paper in exchange for citrus products, cars and textiles. This is the fourth consecutive trade agreement between the two states. Israel has also concluded… More ▸

  • Norway Welcomes Group of Jewish Dp’s As Permanent Sett

    Norway today welcomed as permanent settle### of 53 Jewish “hard core” cases from the DP camps of Germany and Austr### refugees, all of them concentration camp survivors and members of their ### consisted of tuberculosis and post-TB cases. They arrived here after a ### from Munich under a special emigration scheme sponsored by the Norwe###… More ▸

  • Israel Signs Trade Agreement with Norway, Will Exchange Goods

    A trade agreement involving the exchange of goods valued at 20,000,000 Norwegian crowns was signed here by representatives of Israel and Norway, it was officially announced today. Norwegian goods will be paid for with Israeli exports of bananas, citrus products, locally-assembled motor cars, kitchen utensils, textiles and clothing. The Israeli Foreign Ministry announcement also revealed… More ▸

  • Norwegian Mission Arrives in Germany to Select “hard Core” Dp’s

    An eight-man government mission from Oslo has arrived in Munich to begin selection of hard core” cases among Germany’s remaining Jewish DP’s for permanent settlement in Norway, it was announced today by Moses A. Leavitt, executive vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee, which helps support the DP’s. The Norwegian mission, consisting of doctors, immigration officers,… More ▸

  • Norway Ratifies U.N. Convention on Status of Refugees

    Norway today became the second government to deposit with the U.N. Secretary General its ratification of the convention relating to the status of refugees, which was adopted in July 1951 and needs a total of six ratifications or accessions to bring it into force. The ratification was presented by Erik Dons, deputy representative of Norway… More ▸

  • Boston Jews Thank Norway and Sweden for Admitting Sick Dp’s

    The Combined Jewish Appeal here has given special recognition to two Scandinavian countries as being the only ones outside of Israel to have opened their doors to handicapped Jewish DP’s. A special “Salute to Norway and Sweden” was held here at Temple Mishkan Tefila where the Boston Jewish community’s recognition and thanks were expressed to… More ▸