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  • Factual but misleading on O.U.

    To the Editor: The headline and lead to the Breaking News item "Orthodox Union, world’s largest kosher certifier, in disarray" may be factual, but they are misleading, to say the least. To be transparent: I am friendly with some of those connected to the O.U.; I am not Orthodox, to say the least; and I… More ▸

  • The O.U. tackles the mortgage crisis

    The Orthodox Union will hold a webcast in late June, called “The American Dream’s Rude Awakening – Mortgage Debacle and Foreclosures,” as part of its “Practical Economics 101″ lecture series. The O.U., which typically caters its job services to Jews, is inviting non Jews to watch the webcast as well. Here are the details. OU… More ▸