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Operation Solomon

  • Teens Return to Ethiopia in Program to Boost Pride

    Eli Sabo, a 16-year-old high school student, clearly remembers the day more than seven years ago when he and his family began their long journey to Israel. “One day, a man came to our village and told us we would be taken to Israel,” he said, his voice barely a whisper. “It was all very… More ▸

  • U.S. Envoy Who Died in Bosnia Aided Exodus of Ethiopian Jews

    Fleeing a civil war and hoping to make their way to Israel, 20,000 Jews arrived in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia, five years ago with no place to live and little to eat. Robert Frasure, then deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia, hopped on a truck and helped embassy staffers unload tents and… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Immigrant Group Charges Educational Neglect

    Misguided Israeli educational policies are “steadily transforming Ethiopian immigrants into a black underclass,” according to a report just published by the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews. Titled “Creating an Underclass: How Israel’s Educational System is Failing Immigrant Youth,” the report accuses the government of providing substandard education to Ethiopian immigrants and of segregating them from… More ▸

  • Israel Marks 10th Year of Airlift As Debate over Jewish Identity Goes on

    On the 10th anniversary of Operation Moses, the first airlift of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, government officials called on Israel’s chief rabbis to recognize Ethiopian immigrants as full Jews. “Find the courage to do this,” Absorption Minister Yair Tsaban exhorted the chief rabbis, who have questioned the authenticity of the Ethiopians’ Judaism, which dates back… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Israel Reconsiders Schooling System Used to Educate Ethiopian Immigrants

    Questions are being raised about the way Israel educates children who have immigrated here from Ethiopia, with some suggesting that the segregation of these immigrants is putting them at a permanent economic disadvantage. Among the most vocal critics of the educational system into which Ethiopian immigrant children have been absorbed is Micha Odenheimer, Israel director… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Jewry Group Closes Shop, Saying Its Work is Done

    Two years after some 14,000 Jews were airlifted from Ethiopia in Operation Solomon, the American Association for Ethiopian Jews has decided its work is done. The 24-year-old organization’s board voted last month to close up shop by the end of the year. “We met our mandates and goals of rescue and relief for Ethiopian Jews,”… More ▸

  • Separated Family of Falash Mora Waits for Reunification in Israel

    About three years ago, Amsalu Tayachew and his wife, Marie Takele, traveled from their small village in Gondar province to Addis Ababa to await the Operation Solomon airlift. Marie was nine months pregnant when the Israeli Embassy discovered that she is a Falash Mora, a Jew whose ancestors converted to Christianity. On the day of… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Premier Visits Israel, Launching New Phase in Relations

    In the midst of a coalition crisis that threatened to weaken his government, Prime Yitzhak Rabin took time out Sunday to welcome Ethiopian Prime Minister Timirat Laynie to Israel, at an official ceremony in the Rose Garden overlooking the Knesset. Israel attaches particular importance to the four-day visit, which is the first by a ranking… More ▸

  • Panel Urges Letting Ferris Mora Come to Israel, but Not As Jews

    After months of deliberations; a ministerial committee has made a landmark decision to recommend that Israel allow the immigration of the Ferris Mora from Ethiopia as individuals but not recognize them as Jews under the Law of Return. The Ferris Mora, Ethiopians whose ancestors were Jews who converted to Christianity, are estimated to number between… More ▸