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Operation Solomon

  • Some, but Not All, Ferris Mora Expected to Be Admitted to Israel

    Some, but not all, of the Ferris Mora, descendants of Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity, are likely to be admitted to Israel under a compromise plan taking shape in a Cabinet-level committee. The committee, headed by Immigrant Absorption Minister Yair Tsaban, is expected to create controversy, whatever it decides. Opinion is sharply divided even… More ▸

  • Why American Jews Should Back Perot for President on Nov. 3

    I am a volunteer supporting Ross Perot for president. Like many volunteers, including Perot himself, I am drawn to action as we face a crucial moment in our nation’s history. Perot’s emergence this year as a presidential option climaxed years of effort of individual Americans, many in our Jewish community, who have yearned for a… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Ferris Mora Fleeing Homes, Claiming Harassment by Villagers

    Thousands of Ferris Mora, descendants of Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity, are being harassed by villagers who want their land and are fleeing to Addis Ababa. Micha Feldman, the Jewish Agency representative in Ethiopia, has sent an urgent report to Jerusalem saying 4,000 of the Ferris Mora have reportedly reached the Ethiopian capital and… More ▸

  • 297 Ethiopians Have Aids Virus, Health Ministry Replies to Rumors

    A total of 297 of the 40,000 Ethiopian immigrants in Israel have tested positive for infection with the virus that causes AIDS, the Health Ministry said in an effort to dispel rumors of a much higher infection rate. The ministry is seeking to set the record straight because of “harmful and inaccurate figures” in the… More ▸

  • Merhav Named Absorption Director

    Reuven Merhav, formerly director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and a onetime Israeli consul general in Hong Kong, has been appointed director general of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. Merhav told reporters he was undertaking the assignment “with great fear and trepidation,” given the historic nature of the challenge. Merhav is the personal… More ▸

  • Final Flight of Ethiopian Jews to Israel Scheduled for Monday

    The last of a long series of weekly flights carrying Ethiopian immigrants to Israel is scheduled to arrive here next week, according to Simcha Dinitz, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. Dinitz, who also chairs the World Zionist Organization, made the announcement Monday at the WZO Executive’s weekly session. The July 27 flight is… More ▸

  • Aliyah Rose Slightly in June, but 1992 Figures Are Still Low

    Immigration from the former Soviet Union rose slightly in June from the May figures, which constituted a three-year low. But the total figures for the first half of 1992 showed a full two-thirds decline from 1991: 27,330 this year versus 86,667 the year before. Reflecting this, the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency on… More ▸

  • Israel is Blitzed by T.v. Ads As Campaign Careens to June 23

    With elections just three weeks away, Labor and Likud began a television campaign blitz Tuesday night aimed at winning votes on June 23. But it remains to be seen whether the public, already jaded by election propaganda, will respond to more of the same on the tube, political pundits said. The main themes of the… More ▸

  • American Groups Continue Work for Ethiopian Jews, but in Israel

    The final ingathering of Ethiopian Jewry has led the Canadian Association for Ethiopian Jews to disband recently, saying its mandate had come to an end. But its two American counterparts have no such plans. “American Jews have been involved right from the start, and it’s my hope and belief that we maintain a sense of… More ▸

  • Remaining Jews Are Leaving Ethiopia Without the Fanfare of a Year Ago

    Every week for several months now, 150 Jews have boarded commercial flights from Ethiopia and, with neither fanfare nor secrecy, made their way to Israel. Roughly 4,000 Jews were left behind after Operation Solomon, the massive airlift of Ethiopian Jews that took place May 25, 1991. The departure of these Jews is expected to be… More ▸