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Operation Solomon

  • Brawl Erupts at Absorption Center Between Soviet and Ethiopian Olim

    A fierce brawl between Ethiopian and Soviet immigrants broke out Monday night at a Jerusalem absorption center. Four Soviet olim were hospitalized with minor injuries. Jewish Agency officials insisted racism played no part in the fracas. But Israeli authorities are questioning the wisdom of housing immigrants from widely disparate ethnic and social backgrounds under the… More ▸

  • 2,600 Jews Remaining in Ethiopia Will Be Allowed to Go to Israel

    Some 2,600 Jews remaining in Ethiopia will be brought to Israel, probably by the middle of next month, the Foreign Ministry has announced. The first group is expected by the end of this week. An agreement signed by Israel and Ethiopia in Addis Ababa last Friday allows the Jews’ unconditional departure. Political sources here said… More ▸

  • Soviet Emigration Dropped in July, but 1991 is Banner Year for Aliyah

    A total of 10,325 Soviet Jews arrived in Israel in July, barely half the number who arrived the month before, when Jews rushed to leave the Soviet Union before new emigration regulations went into effect. But despite the low monthly total, the second worst this calendar year, Israeli officials were encouraged, saying more Soviet Jews… More ▸

  • Delegation Makes Return Trip to See Jews Left in Ethiopia

    Two months after the successful completion of Operation Solomon, the secret airlift that brought over 14,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel, a few thousand Jews remain in the isolated northern region of the country. The Jews are mainly located in the Kwara region, in the western part of Gondar province, which previously was home to most… More ▸

  • Group of Ethiopian Immigrants Protest Lodgings at Kibbutz Hotel

    A group of recently arrived immigrants from Ethiopia, unhappy with hotel living, staged a protest march Tuesday demanding to be returned to the mobile homes near the Negev town of Netivot where they were originally quartered. It was the first sign of rebellion among the usually placid Ethiopian olim, but officials of the Jewish Agency… More ▸

  • Soviet Immigration Surged in June As Thousands Rushed to Beat Deadline

    Rushing to leave the Soviet Union before new passport regulations went into effect, more than 20,000 Soviet Jews immigrated to Israel in June, the largest number so far this year. During the last weekend of June alone, about 8,000 Soviet immigrants arrived here on dozens of flights, bringing Soviet aliyah for the month to 20,473…. More ▸

  • UJA Combining Special Campaigns into Single, Billion-dollar Drive

    The United Jewish Appeal is planning to combine its special campaigns for Soviet and Ethiopian aliyah into a single, billion-dollar drive that will run over the next three to four years, UJA National Chairman Marvin Lender announced here this week. Lender told the annual assembly of the Jewish Agency for Israel here Tuesday that this… More ▸

  • Orthodox Minister Says Kibbutzim Turn Immigrants into Criminals

    The cultural clash simmering between religious and secular Jews since Israel’s founding flared suddenly this week into a political uproar touching on the absorption of immigrants, particularly newcomers from Ethiopia. The flames were fed by Absorption Minister Yitzhak Peretz, an Orthodox rabbi, who objected to the Jewish Agency temporarily housing some Ethiopian olim at what… More ▸

  • Jews Left Behind in Gondar Province Making Their Way to Ethiopian Capital

    The estimated 2,000 Jews in the remote Ethiopian province of Gondar are making their way to the capital of Addis Ababa, where they hope to be allowed to join relatives in Israel, officials of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee reported Wednesday, after a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy. The few hundred who… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Baby Dies During Brit Prompting Warning from Officials

    Israel’s Health Ministry sent an urgent warning Wednesday to all new immigrants from Ethiopia that ritual circumcisions must be performed only by a qualified, medically trained mohel. The message, broadcast in Amharic, the language of Ethiopian Jews, followed the death of an 11-week-old infant at a Nahariya hospital Tuesday morning after his father tried to… More ▸