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  • News Brief

    If a hair on Hitler’s head is harmed or any other Nazi leader injured, the Jews will hang from the lamp posts, is the substance of a repeated threat uttered at Nazi election meetings and addressed to the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith as well. The threatening letter received by the… More ▸

  • News Brief

    With the exception of the Socialist candidate, Julius Moses, not a single Jew is standing for election to the Reichstag on March 5th, on the list of any party. A number of Jewish candidates do appear, however, on the lists of the Socialist and State Parties, for election to the Prussian Diet. Dr. Hamburger and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist leader will have to respect the ordinance issued by Adolf Hitler the Chancellor, asserts a statement issued yesterday by the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith in connection with the press curbing ordinance. Chancellor Hitler signed with President von Hindenburg the press decree which provides fine and… More ▸

  • Central Union Will Fight for Rights of Jews

    The Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith issued a statement this afternoon, expressing distrust in Adolph Hitler’s Chancellorship, and expressing faith that President Paul von Hindenburg will prevent any infringement upon the constitutional rights of the Jews, and its own determination to defend the rights of the Jews. The statement declared: “We… More ▸

  • Former Minister of Justice in Anhalt Dies

    Hermann Cohn, former Minister of Justice of Anhalt, died here today at the age of sixty-four. Dr. Cohn served as Minister of Justice following the World War. He was compelled to resign his office because of the persecution he suffered on the ground that he was a Jew. He was an outstanding leader of the… More ▸

  • Scores Nazi Physicians for Anti-semitic Agitation

    Charges that the Nazi physicians are promoting anti-Jewish agitation instead of medical knowledge caused a conference of the Berlin Medical Society to be adjourned yesterday. The charge against the Nazi physicians was made by Dr. Friedrich Brodnitz, a son of Dr. Julius Brodnitz, leader of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. More ▸

  • Nazis Attack Jews Returning from Central Union Meeting

    Jews returning from a meeting of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith in Fulda were attacked last night by members of Nazi Storm Troops. A number of Jews were injured. Among the injured are Rabbi Cohn Weyn, a septuagenarian, and Dr. Herz, chairman of the Central Union in Fulda. The Central… More ▸

  • German Minister of Interior Takes Steps to Curb Nazi Anti-jewish Boycott Agitation

    Minister of Interior Dr. Franz Bracht took steps today to curb the anti-Jewish boycott propaganda of the Nazis, after he had received representations from the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. Dr. Bracht ordered the state governments to enlist the assistance of the police to combat the propaganda and to halt the… More ▸

  • Nazi Organ Raises Blood Ritual Murder Cry Against Jews in German Town

    A blood ritual murder accusation has been levelled against the Jews of Rastenberg, in the province of Koenigsberg by the Nazi organ “Preussische Zeitung” in connection with the death of an eight year old Christian boy, Benno Haffke. The child was found with his throat cut and the Nazi organ immediately raised a hue and… More ▸