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  • News Brief

    Professor Ernst Cohn arrived in Berlin Saturday and received assurances from official quarters that he would be enabled to continue his lecture series at the University of Breslau, according to exclusive information received by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Professor Cohn informed friends in the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish faith that the… More ▸

  • Charge Discrimination Against American Jewish Students at Cologne University

    Discrimination is being practiced at the University of Cologne to prevent American Jewish students who have been enrolled at the University from taking their places in the class rooms, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed yesterday by an authoritative Jewish source. American Jewish students were permitted to enroll at the University for this semester’s work… More ▸

  • General Von Schleicher Named Chancellor of Germany; Expect Peaceful Regime

    General Kurt von Schleicher, Minister of Defense in the cabinet of Franz von Papen, was this morning appointed Chancellor of Germany, ending the political controversy which has endured for the past two weeks. Chancellor von Schleicher retains the portfolio of Minister of Defense. Jewish leaders expect a peaceful regime with energetic measures undertaken by the… More ▸

  • Central Union Stamps Document As Forgery

    The “Voelkischer Beobachter,” Nazi organ, today publishes what it describes a secret document issued by the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith on September 19th. The document quoted declares: “We German Jews will vote for the German Nationals, because our trusted representatives are members of the Herren Club.” The Central Union calls… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The belief that the danger of a Fascist coup has passed was expressed yesterday by Dr. Reichmann, syndicus of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. Hitler’s magic powers have been shattered, Dr. Reichmann declared. His irresistible movement has been repulsed. While vast changes are not to be awaited German Jewry may… More ▸

  • Says Answer to Jewish Question Not in Countries Where Jews Now Live

    our youth. What we are experiencing is not new in the history of Judaism. Only the Jews have changed. Formerly, they were so genuine that they could not be shaken by outside danger. The nineteenth century has destroyed these forces. But Zionism, by introducing Palestine is creating a new backbone for the Jewish people.” Commenting… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders See Need for Continuation of Fight Despite Nazi Losses

    Energetic continuation of the fight for the maintenance of Jewish emancipation in Germany is necessary, Jewish leaders decided today despite the Nazi losses of 4% in votes and thirty-five seats in the Reichstag, as the result of Sunday’s elections. The Nazis won 195 seats, receiving 11,705,256 votes, as against 230 seats and 13,700,000 votes in… More ▸

  • Social Democrats Make Bid for Jewish Vote; See Dark Days Still Ahead

    The dark days are not past for German Jewry despite the decline of the Nazi movement, is the opinion expressed today in circles of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. The danger to the Jews has not passed in view of the various coalition possibilities with Hitler. What is construed as… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Prussian Minister of Interior today assured the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith that the police are thoroughly investigating the identity of those responsible for the anti-Semitic bombing terror and the source of their explosives. A reward for information leading to the apprehension of the culprits has been offered, the Minister… More ▸