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  • Israel to Initiate Preventive Action to Forestall Terrorist Plans

    Authoritative sources indicated today that Israel would no longer wait for specific terrorist acts to retaliate but would initiate preventive action to forestall terrorist plans. The sources described yesterday’s air raids on terrorist bases in Lebanon and Syria as a preventive action and said it was successful. The sources observed that while Israel has cease-fire… More ▸

  • Religious Zionists Decry ZOA Action

    The Religious Zionist Movement, comprising the Mizrachi Hapoel Hamizrachi, Mizrachi Women of America and the Hapoel Hamizrachi Women, in reacting to the withdrawal of the Zionist Organization of America from the American Zionist Federation expressed “shock at this breach in Zionist unity.” In a statement which followed a National Executive Board resolution, the Religious Zionists… More ▸

  • Religious Zionist Movement Claims It Was Real Victor in Zionist Election Cites Decline of Others Sin

    The Religious Zionist Movement, which ran fourth in the election of American delegates to the 28th World Zionist Congress, claimed today that it was in fact the “victor” and that the results, announced yesterday by the American Zionist Federation, “indicated the growth of Religious Zionist strength and the decline of all other American Zionist parties.”… More ▸

  • Zionist Tribunal Told Mail Ballots Not Unprecedented

    The Zionist Congress of Honor continued today to hear arguments by spokesmen for Zionist organizations in the United States on the issue of whether or not the mail ballot election procedure is democratic. Moshe Ben Zeev, former Attorney General of Israel who is representing the American Zionist Federation in the hearings, cited numerous precedents supporting… More ▸

  • Symington; Israel 24th on List of Nations Receiving Us Loans, Grants

    Sen., Stuart Symington (D., Mo,) refuted tonight the administration’s contention that Israel continues to maintain the military balance of power in the Middle East and that the United States government was giving at least as much support to Israel as to any other nation. “The true figure of what we have actually given this nation… More ▸

  • Rustin Honored by Mizrachi Women; Praises Israel’s Aid to Black People

    Bayard Rustin, executive director of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, was honored here today by a national Jewish women’s organization for his initiative in mobilizing Black support for Israel. Mr. Rustin accepted the 1970 “Annual America-Israel Friendship Award.” of the Mizrachi Women’s Organization of America from Mrs. Milton S. Jacobson, of New York, national president…. More ▸

  • Mizrachi Women Present Award to Mrs. Shazar for Leadership in Many Fields

    Mrs. Rachel Shazar, wife of the President of Israel, will accept the 1970 Silver Medallion Award of the Mizrachi Women’s Organization of America in ceremonies scheduled to take place tomorrow in the presidential residence in Jerusalem. Mrs. Milton S. Jacobson, of New York City, national president of Mizrachi Women, will present the citation. In a… More ▸

  • Founding Convention of American Zionist Federation Set for Decoration Day Weekend

    The Founding Convention of the American Zionist Federation will be held in Philadelphia May 28-31. Some 1000 delegates are expected to attend. Dr. Seymour P. Lachman, co-chairman of the national executive committee of American Professors for Peace in the Middle East will preside at the convention. The adult Zionist organizations sending delegates are Americans for… More ▸

  • New American Zionist Federation Launched; Hailed As Historic Step Forward

    Thirteen American Zionist organizations participated last night in the formation of a new American Zionist Federation designed to strengthen Zionism in the United States. The new, unified central organization will be involved in such areas as aliyah, youth, Jewish education, public information and internal Jewish communal affairs. The action was taken in accordance with the… More ▸