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  • Between the Lines

    It seems to me that The New Palestine, organ of the Zionist Organization of America, is not doing the Zionist cause a service by provoking, in its issue of this week, a discussion on the controversy, “Joint Distribution Committee vs. American Palestine Campaign.” Such a discussion, if it were to become widespread, would not do… More ▸

  • Digest of World Press Opinion

    The New York Times, reporting the revival of open Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda in Austria, states: The open revival of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda with the full permission of the government, which was signalized by the publication of the newspaper Deutsche Arbeiter Presse, has caused jubilation among the Nazis and consternation among those who believed the policy… More ▸

  • Delegates Chosen at Zionist Parley

    Representatives of more than 500 Jewish organizations gathered at the Hotel Astor yesterday afternoon and elected seventeen dele-gates-at-large to the forthcoming American Zionist conference on Palestine affairs at Washington January 20. In addition, each organization will be entitled to one delegate for every 200 members they enroll in the Zionist roll call, it was announced…. More ▸

  • Zionists to ‘wait’ on Bureya

    Jews. He was also said to have declared that politically, the Zionist movement must be on its guard against the Soviet colonization project and strenuously oppose attempts to use Bureya against Jewish colonization in Palestine. Many of the speakers, it was learned, expressed resentment at the belief that Bureya should be considered a solution for… More ▸

  • New York Zionists Rally at Astor to Consider Organization Plans

    New York Zionist groups will take action on the extended program of the Zionist Organization of America Sunday afternoon when representatives of the Council of Jewish Organizations on Palestine assemble at the Hotel Astor. They will confer on a program of activity in behalf of the Zionist Roll Call and the Extension Fund for wider… More ▸

  • Zionist Convention Delegates Chosen

    The identity of delegates appointed by various national Jewish organizations to represent them at the National Conference on Palestine, to be held in Washington next month, was made public Friday by Morris Rothenberg, president of the Zionist Organization of America, which started the parley idea. The organizations and their delegates follow: of America: Rabbi Adolph… More ▸

  • Londoner Tells of Palestine’s Need of Funds

    Stating that 20,000 German Jews of the 26,800 who have emigrated have gone to Palestine, Dr. Martin Rosenblueth, head of the London bureau for the settlement of German Jews in Palestine, declared that all previous conceptions of the limitations of Palestine must be completely discarded if the German Jewish problem is to be met constructively… More ▸

  • Non-partisan Body to Rule AJC Election

    Leading national organizations have been asked to establish a non-partisan board to supervise the elections in April for the creation of an enlarged American Jewish Congress, the administrative committee of the Congress announced yesterday at local headquarters, 122 East Forty-second street. The board is to formulate the election procedure, set up the necessary machinery and… More ▸

  • News in Brief

    Reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency Following conferences between Mendel N. Fisher, national field director of the Zionist organization of America, and local Jewish leaders, a membership drive for 1,000 additional Zionists and a quota of $2,000 for the extension fund were decided upon. More ▸

  • Council to Buy Palestine Land

    some personality, wholesome psychologically and spiritually. Land enables the Jew in Palestine to be redeemed from the roll of ‘luftmensch, to which he has been condemned in other lands by the exigencies of his abnormal middle-class position. For the Jew to feel at home on the land is one of the most important desiderate in… More ▸