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  • French Traitor Testifies in Paris Court on Torture of Jews in Oswiecim Camp

    An inside view of the dread German concentration camps at Oswiecim, Poland, was given in open court here during the week-end by a young Frenchman named Verniers who is on trial as a traitor. Verniers had been employed by the Gestapo and last February, he testified, he was sent to Oswiecim in the guise of… More ▸

  • Irish Minister in Berlin Intervenes for Jews Imprisoned in Oswiecim Camp

    The Government of Eire has requested its Charge d’Affaires in Berlin to intervene with the German Government in connection with reported Nazi plans to wipe out thousands of Jews and other persons confined in the Oswiecim concentration camp in Poland and other camps. This was revealed today by H. A. Goodman, secretary of the Agudas… More ▸

  • U.S. Government Warns Germany Against Extermination of Jews in Concentration Camps

    The State Department today issued a warning to Germany against extermination of Jews and other persons in Nazi concentration camps in Poland, The warning was issued following receipt of information by the U.S. Government that German authorities in Poland are planning to kill all the internees in Oswiecim, Brzezinki and other camps. “The United States… More ▸

  • Hungarian Jews Lured to Death with Promise of Exchange for German Civilians

    Hungarian Jews, unaware of the fate which awaits them, are still being lured to extermination camps in the Nazi-held part of Poland under various Pretexts, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed here today by an emissary of the Polish underground movement who left occupied Poland only a week ago. “Despite the impression that the Hungarian… More ▸

  • Allied Urged to Act to Save Jews with South American Passports in Nazi Camps

    Urgent action by the Allied countries to save several hundred Jewish refugees possessing either South American citizenship certificates or Palestine visas was urged today by a British internee who arrived in Lisbon this week from Germany in the transport of British citizens being exchanged for German nationals. This informant, who was confined together with the… More ▸

  • Restoration of Looted Property, Full Rights, Promised Polish Jews by New Committee

    Polish Jews were assured today by the new polish Committee of National Liberation, which has established headquarters in Chelm, in central Poland, that their looted property will be restored and that all legal rights will be guaranteed them. The assurance was contained in a manifesto broadcast by the Moscow radio. The head of the War… More ▸

  • Reported Germans Willing to Exchange Hungarian Jews for Supplies

    A prominent Hungarian Jew is now in the Middle East for the purpose of conveying to the Allies a German offer to release the eliminated 400,000 Jews remaining in Hungary in exchange for non-military supplies it is reported here today. It is understood that Britain has notified Russia of the German proposals, but that no… More ▸

  • Trains with Deported Hungarian Jews Continue to Arrive in Poland

    Freight trains jammed with Hungarian Jews have been arriving daily at the Oswiecim “death camp” in Poland since the middle of May, the Polish Government was informed today in a dispatch from underground observers. The deportees, the underground message said, are gassed in two chambers-1,000 at a time – and their bodies incinerated in four… More ▸

  • Hungarian Minister Announces Government’s Decision to Liquidate All Jews in Hungary

    The Hungarian Government has decided to liquidate all Jews in the country, it was announced today over the Budapest radio by Ador Jaross, the Hungarian Minister of the Interior, while information received here from other sources confirmed reports that 400,000 Jews have already been deported from Hungary to Poland and that the deportation of 350,000… More ▸