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  • Pakistani President Assails Israel

    President Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan, speaking as chairman of the Islamic Conference, charged today that Israel is “the most destabilizing factor in the Middle East” and warned that the Palestinian problem could “explode at any moment.” In a speech to the UN General Assembly devoted mainly to the Iraqi-Iranian war, Zia said the Moslem world… More ▸

  • Arabs Divided on Indian-pakistani War

    The Indian-Pakistani war has seriously embarrassed the Arab world and has brought out differences hitherto obscured by the united Arab front against Israel, observers here noted today. The only Arab country supporting India outright is Iraq. The reason for Baghdad’s anti-Pakistan position, according to Israeli circles, is Pakistan’s close friendship with Iran with which Iraq… More ▸

  • UN Postpones Mideast Debate to Deal with Indian-pakistani War

    The postponement of the General Assembly’s Middle East debate because of the Indian-Pakistani crisis is a blow to Egypt, according to some Western diplomats here. According to others, the situation will not be much affected. The debate was postponed after this morning’s speech by Foreign Minister Amadou Karim Gaye of Senegal, who said that the… More ▸

  • Indian-pakistan War Pushes Mideast off Front Pages of General Press

    Newspapers around the world are paying notably little attention to the Middle East debate taking place in the United Nations General Assembly, according to a press survey by Israeli diplomatic missions abroad released today. Except in the countries directly concerned, reports of speeches by Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Riad and Foreign Minister Abba Eban of… More ▸

  • Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Proceeds for East Pakistan Children

    At the suggestion of Zubin Mehta, the India-born conductor and director of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the orchestra will give a concert Saturday night for refugee children among the East Pakistan families who have fled from their country after the military crackdown by the West Pakistan Army, Proceeds of the concert will be made available… More ▸

  • Hillel Club Collects Several Hundred Dollars to Aid Pakistan Flood Victims

    Charles Marks, a senior and Hillel Club officer at Old Dominion University here, has initiated a campus drive for aid-to-Pakistan funds that has netted several hundred dollars in a few days. In the first two hours the 60-member Hillel Club collected $280 at the state-run university. Shelley Solow, senior and president of the club, said… More ▸

  • Aid on Way to Colombian Flood Victims; Pakistani Officials Refuse Israeli Aid

    Cartons of drugs and food for victims of the floods that devastated parts of Colombia, were shipped there by air on Friday. The aid was provided by the Mogen David Adom, Israel’s official Red Cross Agency. Another shipment of medicines and first aid for Pakistani victims was also being prepared by the Mogen David Adom,… More ▸