• Aid on Way to Colombian Flood Victims; Pakistani Officials Refuse Israeli Aid

    Cartons of drugs and food for victims of the floods that devastated parts of Colombia, were shipped there by air on Friday. The aid was provided by the Mogen David Adom, Israel’s official Red Cross Agency. Another shipment of medicines and first aid for Pakistani victims was also being prepared by the Mogen David Adom,… More ▸

  • Congressman Urges U.S. Withdraw Aid to Pakistan Until She Removes Troops from Jordan

    Rep. Seymour Halpern, Republican of New York, threatened yesterday that unless Pakistan withdrew support of Jordanian troops, he would “offer an amendment to the next appropriations bill before this Congress to withhold further (U.S. foreign aid) from Pakistan.” In his speech to the House, Rep. Halpern declared, “It is my understanding that Pakistani troops, equipped… More ▸

  • Jordan Facing New Showdown with Guerrillas; Pakistani Troops Bolster Jordan Army

    King Hussein, of Jordan, whose loyal forces apparently have been bolstered by an infantry regiment and training cadres from Pakistan, is facing a new showdown with Palestinian guerrillas, it was reported here today. Jordanian Government officials and guerrilla leaders began top level talks to avert a crisis. Yesterday a committee representing various commando groups based… More ▸

  • Senegal, Pakistan Ask for Urgent Council Meeting on Humanitarian Mission

    Senegal and Pakistan today asked Secretary-General U Thant to convene an urgent meeting of the Security Council as early as possible to report on progress of his efforts toward sending a humanitarian mission to the Middle East. The meeting was requested in a joint communication to Mr. Thant signed by Mohammed Yunus, acting permanent representative… More ▸

  • Pakistan, Backed by Soviet, Seeks Further Assembly Action on Jerusalem

    A resolution deploring the failure of Israel to comply with a General Assembly resolution on Jerusalem was submitted to the Assembly’s emergency session when it convened today. Pakistan, which had moved the original resolution ordering Israel “to rescind all measures already taken and to desist forthwith from taking any action which would alter the status… More ▸

  • U. N. Truce Team in Jerusalem Forms Nucleus for India-pakistan Duty

    The United Nations announced today that 30 military members of the U.N. Truce Supervision Force in Jerusalem have been named to form the nucleus of a new U.N. agency to supervise the Indian-Pakistanian ceasefire under the latest Security Council resolution. The 30 men left Israel and Jordan today. They will serve under Lt. Gen. Odd… More ▸

  • Jewish Officer in Indian Army Killed in Fighting Against Pakistan

    A Jewish officer in the Indian army, Col. Joseph Ephraim Jhirad, was killed last Friday in action in the undeclared Indian war with Pakistan, the Bombay Jewish Central Board announced today. H. Cynowicz, president of the board, said that Col. Jhirad had been a “faithful son of the Jewish people of India, who served his… More ▸

  • Pakistan President Rejects Role As Mediator Between Arabs and Israel

    President Ayub Khan of Pakistan indicated skepticism here today as to whether his country could act effectively as mediator in the Arab-Israeli disputes. In reply to a question following an address to the National Press Club, where he was asked whether his State, as a Moslem nation outside the Arab League, could not take the… More ▸