• Pakistani Premier Rules out His Mediation in Arab-israel Conflict

    Pakistani Prime Minister H.S. Suhrawardy stressed today again the need for a settlement of the Palestine problem, but ruled out any possibility of Pakistani mediation. Still smarting under the effects of the wave of Arab protests which followed his earlier remarks about the Arab-Israel conflict on a national television program, the Prime Minister, addressing UN… More ▸

  • Pakistani Stand on Israel Remains Unchanged, Delegation Announces

    Disturbed over angry Arab reactions here to Prime Minister H. S. Suhrawardy’s remarks regarding the Arab-Israel issue, the Pakistani delegation today put out a press release insisting that Mr. Suhrawardy’s statement does not imply any change in Karachi’s basic policy towards the Palestine problem. In Karachi, a statement was issued by the Foreign Ministry declaring… More ▸

  • Pakistan Premier Urges Arabs to Accept Israel; Willing to Mediate

    A significant future role for Pakistan in the Arab-Israel situation was indicated here in the wake of detailed conversations involving Prime Minister H. S. Suhrawardy and President Eisenhower. The two leaders discussed the roles their nations could play in bringing Arab-Israel peace. Prime Minister Suhrawardy revealed yesterday on a national television program that he was… More ▸

  • Pakistan Prime Minister Suggests Mediation of Arab-israel Conflict

    A suggestion that a country “friendly” to both Israel and the Arab states should offer its services as a mediator to try to bring the Arab-Israel conflict to a peaceful settlement was made at a press conference here yesterday by Prime Minister Mohammed Ali of Pakistan, who is now visiting the United States. The Pakistani… More ▸

  • Pakistan, Indonesia Rebuked for Refusing Entry to Israelis

    Pakistan and Indonesia received today a sharp rebuke from the World Federation of United Nations Organizations when the group passed over both of them in settling on the site of its next annual meeting because both countries refuse Israeli nationals the right of entry. The group, concluding its annual session, decided to hold the 1955… More ▸

  • Turkey Resents Pakistan’s Meddling into Arab-israel Dispute

    The Pakistan role of encouraging the anti-Israel stand of the Arab countries is resented in Turkey and may develop into a threat to the Turkish-Pakistani pact on which the United States Government is building its Middle East policy against Communism, it was reported today from Istanbul by the New York Times. The report says that… More ▸

  • Turkey Assures Friendship to Israel; Says Pakistan Pact No Obstacle

    The Turkish Premier has assured Israel Minister Maurice Fisher that Turkey’s friendly relations with Israel will continue to grow and develop despite Turkey’s rapprochement with Pakistan and various Arab states. The Premier told the Israeli diplomat that Iraq and any other Arab nation which joined the Turkish-Pakistan military pact would have to adopt a more… More ▸

  • Pakistan Willing to Mediate Between Germany and Arab States

    The Pakistan Government is prepared to mediate between the West German Government and the Arab states in their current impasse over the Arab demands for longterm economic concessions to offset Germany’s payment of reparations to Israel, Dr. J. Malik, Pakistani Ambassador to Bonn, told newsmen here. He added that Pakistan does not favor Israel’s receiving… More ▸

  • Official Pakistan Mission Refuses to Set Foot on Israel Soil

    Members of a Pakistan Government mission refused to set foot on Israel soil today when the plane in which they were travelling to London set down at Lydda for refueling. The delegation from the Moslem country was headed by Finance Minister Mohamed All Khan. More ▸