• Pakistan Minister Demands “satisfaction” for Arab Countries

    The New York Times reports that Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, said in Karachi this week-end that the Arab states must have satisfaction on the problems of the Arab refugees and the frontier with Israel before they cooperate in a Middle East defense pact. In an interview the Foreign Minister made the following… More ▸

  • Pakistan Suggestion for Arab-israel Peace Repeated in Washington

    The Pakistan Embassy today published a statement by Pakistan Foreign Minister Zafrullah Khan calling for an Arab-Israel peace settlement. The statement was published in “Pakistan Affairs,” issued by the Government of Pakistan to describe developments in that country. “On his return from the Middle East,” the publication said, Sir Zafrullah Khan repeated his Cairo advice… More ▸

  • Israel Supports Pakistan Proposal on Disarmament at U.N. Assembly

    Israel supports the Pakistan proposal that a subcommittee of the four Great Powers should discuss disarmament. Moshe Sharett, Israel Foreign Minister, said today when he spoke in the debate in the Political Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. At the same time, the Israeli spokesman expressed doubt as to the wisdom of the Indian… More ▸

  • Hias Official Reports on Survey of Jewish Conditions in Pakistan, India, Australia

    Reporting on an l8-month survey of conditions among Jewish communities throughout the world, Dr. Kenry Shoskes, overseas field director of HIAS, disclosed today that approximately 500 Pakistani Jews who fled to India in recent weeks because of anti-Semitic outbreaks are being well cared for by the Indian Jewish community. Shoskes revealed that he conferred with… More ▸

  • Government of Pakistan Urged by Mufti to Tax Subjects to Finance Arab War on Jews

    Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Government-General of Pakistan, has been asked by the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem to impose a ten percent levy on the income of every Pakistan Moslem to help finance the Arab war against the Jam in Palestine it was learned here today. According to informed sources, Jinnah has urged the ruler of Hyderabad, Indian… More ▸

  • Pakistan Official Denies Massacre in Peseawar; Says Protection Arranged for Jews

    The World Jewish Congress was informed today by the Pakistan High Commissioner that since the U.N. partition decision, special protection has been arranged for the Jews in Peshawar and “every facility has been given to those wishing to leave the city.” The Pakistan official, replying to a W.J.C. memorandum regarding the reported massacres of Jews… More ▸

  • Jewish Congress Appeals to Pakistan, Iran to Prortect Jewish Lives, Property

    The World Jewish Congress today sent appeals to the ambassadors in the United States of Pakistan and Iran urging that they intercede ##ith their governments to “take effective measures to protect the lives and property” of their Jewish inhabitants. Dr. Robert S. Marcus, acting political director of the ##.J.C., said that the messages were sent… More ▸