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Palestine Labor Federation

  • Palestine Labor Hits Immigration, Land Curbs

    The thirty-third conference of the Histadruth Haovdim, Palestine labor federation representing 80,000 Jews, closed today, adopting a resolution protesting against restrictions on immigration and sale of Arabs’ lands contemplated by the Government. Before the closing, a private discussion was held of political problems. The delegates also considered to what use to put the fund raised… More ▸

  • Palestine Labor Parley Hears Demand Government Act to Reduce Unemployment

    Government action to reduce the Jewish unemployment figure, placed at 4,200, was demanded today at the thirty-third conference of the Histadruth, Palestine labor federation comprising 89,000 workers and wives. Joshua Frumkin, veteran Zionist leader, reported 3,000 unemployed in the cities and 1,200 in agricultural colonies, urging the Government to create employment opportunities for Jewish laborers…. More ▸

  • Poale Zionists Open 30th Jubilee Parley in Detroit

    More than 2,000 delegates and guests assembled here tonight for the opening of the thirtieth jubilee convention of the Poale Zion-Zeire Zion of America at the Hotel Statler. Hersh Ehrenreich presided at the opening session. Among those on the speakers’ list were Berl Locker, Socialist Zionist leader; David Wertheim, general secretary of the Poale Zion;… More ▸

  • Weizmann Confers with Mizrachi Leaders

    Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, held a conference today with leaders of the World Mizrachi Organization, orthodox Zionist group, to discuss the religious situation in Palestine. Among the subjects touched on during the parley were: enforcement of kosher food laws in the communal kitchens of the Palestine Labor Federation, enforcement of… More ▸

  • Barter Pact Continues Center of Wide Controversy

    The functions, operation and aims of Haavara, Ltd., Palestine trustee office of the execution of the German-Palestine barter agreement, continued today to be the subject of an international controversy. B. Charney Vladeck, general manager of the Jewish Daily Forward, in a letter published in that paper today, reiterated charges he made at the recent Jewish… More ▸

  • Palestine Normal Despite Nearness to War Scene, Rothenberg Says on Return

    The general belief in Palestine is that the Ethiopian war will not spread to the Holy Land, declared Morris Rothenberg, president of the Zionist Organization of America and newly elected co-chairman of the Jewish Agency Council, arriving today from a tour of Europe and Palestine on the Italian liner Rex. As a result of the… More ▸

  • Histadruth Men Fined, Jailed for Picketing

    Prison sentences and fines were meted out today by Magistrate Alfred Bodilly to six members of the Histadruth, Palestine Labor Federation, for picketing activities in the Ramat Gan colony. Four of the Histadruth members were fined, the other two being sentenced to sixty and thirty days in prison respectively. More ▸

  • Rabbi Wise Defends Palestine-german Barter Agreement

    Rabbi Stephen S, Wise defended the Palestine-German barter agreement in an address last night before 800 persons attending a meeting in the Hotel Astor called by the Zionist Organization of America to hear reports of American delegates to the Lucerne World Zionist Congress. The agreement, which set up an indirect method for German Jews emigrating… More ▸

  • Laborites Back Ben Gurion Plan

    At an all-night session, the laborite delegation resolved that the Congress should adopt David Ben-Gurion’s plan for coordination of all Zionist organizations throughout the world. Mr. Ben-Gurion, who is general secretary of the Histadruth (Palestine labor federation), proposes to make it obligatory for all Zionist groups in all countries to organize themselves into a Zionist… More ▸

  • Dr. Weizmann Upholds Palestine As Answer to Nazis

    The only dignified answer the Jews can give to the Nazis is to develop the Jewish homeland in Palestine, Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the congress, said yesterday in his first extended address since the sessions began. Referring to Zionist relations with Britain, Dr. Weizmann said the Mandatory Power could greatly assist the Jews in… More ▸