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Palestine Labor Federation

  • Disturbances Recur in Hadar Colony in Workers Dispute

    Fresh disturbances occurred today in the Hadar colony where a dispute has been current for some time between the Poel Mizrachi and the Histadruth on the right to cultivate the territory. Three additional members of the Histadruth, Palestine Labor Federation, were taken into custody today following the disturbances. More ▸

  • 20 Histadruth Workers Arrested in Land Dispute

    A conflict between the manager of one hundred and twenty dunams of land owned by Dutch Jews in the colony of Hadar and workers affiliated with the Histadruth, Palestine labor federation, led to the arrest of twenty workers yesterday. The controversy arose over the manager’s action in engaging Mizrachi workers from Petach Tikva for the… More ▸

  • {span}###far{/span} Saba Dispute Between Labor Federation and Brith Trumpeldor Becoming Serious

    Police today ar###ted three of the leaders of the work###s’ council, including the secretary, of ###e colony of Kfar Saba, where a dis###te has arisen between the Histadruth (Palestine Labor Federation) workers ###d Brith Trumpeldor workers. The Histadruth workers who yesterday re###oved 25 Brith Trumpeldor workers ###om the orange groves because they ###eclined to join… More ▸

  • Kfar Saba Workers Oust Brith Trumpeldor Members

    Police intervention and the arbitration of Moses Smilansky and Aaron Hankin, the latter a prominent land agent, were futile in preventing a disagreement between colonists in Kfar Saba and the Histadruth (Palestine Labor Federation) workers in the colony. The dispute arose when the Histadruth workers opposed 25 workers, members of the Brith Trumpeldor Society, who… More ▸

  • Protest Treatment of Political Prisoners

    A demand for better treatment and prison conditions for political prisoners was voiced in a cablegram despatched by the Palestine Labor Federation to the British Labor Party. The hunger strike proclaimed by Communists awaiting trial in Jerusalem because they were not accorded special treatment as political prisoners has ended. More ▸

  • To Organize Palestine Pioneer Youth in U. S

    Organization of American youth in pioneer groups to proceed to Palestine was decided upon at the seventeenth annual session of the Poale Zion, Zionist labor wing, meeting at the Hotel Lafayette here. A delegation of the Palestine Labor Federation will be brought to the United States to stimulate the organization of the Chalutz groups. Dr…. More ▸

  • Poale Zion Raised $300,000 for Palestine Labor

    During the past two years the sum of $300,000 was raised to aid Palestine labor institutions by the Poale Zion, Zionist labor wing and its affiliated organizations, according to a report presented at the seventeenth annual convention in session at the Hotel Lafayette here. This sum, it was pointed out by Isaac Hamlin, who presented… More ▸

  • Palestine Labor Federation Sends Appeal to British Labor Party

    An appeal to the British Labor Party and the International Trade Union Congress was cabled by the General Federation of Jewish Labor of Palestine. “In this fateful hour, overcome by a great calamity we appeal to you, comrades of the British Labor movement, cognizant of your avowed sympathy with our efforts for national regeneration, social… More ▸

  • Chancellor Consults Colonial Office on Jewish Labor

    The assurance that he wishes to secure the fair participation of Jewish labor in the government works, particularly in the construction of the Haifa harbor, was Sir John Chancellor’s reply to the demand presented by the Zionist Executive and the Palestine Labor Federation for the employment of Jewish labor. The High Commissioner stated that he… More ▸

  • Workers Organization Launches $300,000 Drive for Palestine Settlers

    With the unanmious consent of 586 delegates, representing 34 states and 6 provinces in Canada, the National Jewish Workers Alliance, meeting in its fourth annual convention, pledged itself to raise the sum of $300,000, in the course of the year 1929. At a mass meeting and reception Sunday evening at the Manhattan Opera House, in… More ▸