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  • First Hebrew School in Paraguay

    The State of Israel school, the first Hebrew school in Asuncion, was officially inaugurated this week at ceremonies attended by President Alfredo Stroessner, his entire Cabinet, ranking Army officers and the Mayor of Asuncion. The school and adjacent kindergarten will admit children between the ages of 3-14 for studies entirely in the Hebrew language. Most… More ▸

  • Barbie Escapes from Bolivia: May Be Hiding in Paraguay

    Bolivian authorities were accused today of permitting the escape of the man believed to be Klaus Barbie, a wanted Nazi war criminal, as two French military judges were obtaining documentary evidence in Munich that would confirm the suspect’s identity. Mrs. Beate Klarsfeld, an anti-Nazi German who has been tracking Barbie, claims that a Bolivian citizen… More ▸

  • Auschwitz Doctor Reported Living in Paraguay; Protected by Gen. Stroessner

    Dr. Joseph Mengele, the notorious Nazi doctor of Auschwitz, is living in Paraguay, and the authorities there have refused all demands that he be tried there or extradited to West Germany, according to West Germany’s president, Dr. Gustav Heinemann. In a written reply to a request by Nazi-hunter Tuvia Friedmann, head of the Haifa Documentary… More ▸

  • Wiesenthal Says Martin Bormann is Living on Brazil-paraguay Frontier

    A claim that Hitler’s right hand man, Martin Bormann, is alive in South America was made this weekend by a man who aided in the arrest of Adolph Eichmann and other war criminals. Simon Wiesenthal, author of “The Murderers Are Among Us.” declared in a radio interview in Paris that “Bormann is living in Brazil,… More ▸

  • Argentine Jews Present Torah to Jewish Community in Paraguay

    The Argentine Federation of Jewish Communities presented a Torah scroll today to the Jewish community of Asuncion, Paraguay, where a fire recently destroyed all the synagogue’s Torah scrolls. In a solemn ceremony here today, Hirsch Triwaks, secretary of the Argentine Jewish Federation, and Rabbi Shlome Benhamu of Buenos Aires, personally handed over the scroll to… More ▸

  • Jews in Paraguay Hold Funeral Today for 11 Torahs Damaged in Fire

    Burial services, as required by Jewish Religious Law, will be held here tomorrow for 11 Torah Scrolls damaged in a fire at the Asuncion synagogue which is regarded by synagogue officials as stemming from arson. The tire occurred on December 31. The Representative Council of the Jews of Paraguay has acknowledged the help by official… More ▸

  • Israel’s New Ambassador to Paraguay Presents His Credentials

    Moshe Alon, Israel’s new Ambassador to this country, presented his official letters of credence today to Gen. Alfredo Stroesser, president of Paraguay. He was accorded the traditional honors given to a newly-accredited envoy, reviewing a military formation and being greeted by a military band playing the national anthems of Israel and Paraguay. He was accompanied… More ▸

  • Hunters of Mengele Reported ‘hot on His Trail’ in Paraguay

    The London Daily Express reported today from Ascuncion, Paraguay, that the hunt was on again there for Dr. Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz “selection doctor” and that hunters of Nazi war criminals were “hot on his trail in Paraguay.” The report said that Mengele, who fled to Paraguay from Argentina in 1961, was under the protection… More ▸

  • Nazi ‘Selection Doctor’ Eluded Capture in Paraguay by Minutes

    Josef Mengele, the long-sought “selection doctor” at the Auschwitz murder camp, eluded capture by Israeli agents in Paraguay by only minutes recently, Der Spiegel, a leading newsweekly of Hamburg, reported in its current issue. According to the weekly, 13 armed agents surrounded a hotel owned by a former Belgian SS man, but Mengele, warned by… More ▸

  • Bonn Presses Paraguay to Find Josef Mengele and to Extradite Him

    The West German Government today again requested that Paraguay intensify its search for Josef Mengele, the infamous “selection doctor” of Auschwitz, who alone decided the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Today’s petition was presented by the West German Ambassador here, and is the latest action in the persistent but, so far, futile attempt… More ▸