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  • Dr. Mengele, Nazi ‘selection Doctor,’ Reported Hiding in Paraguay

    Le Soir, Belgium’s largest daily newspaper, asserted today that Josef Mengele, the long-hunted “selection doctor” of the Auschwitz death camp, was in hiding in North Paraguay under the protection of one of the most influential army officers of the regime. According to the report, Mengele entered Paraguay from Buenos Aires in October 1958 and in… More ▸

  • Bonn Seeks Extradition of Dr. Mengele; Paraguay Rejects Request

    A West German Government request to the Government of Paraguays demanding the extradition of Dr. Josef Mengele, long sought for trial in this country as the Nazi “selection” doctor at Auschwitz who determined which Jews were to be sent to the gas chambers, was rejected in a communication to West Germany this week end from… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith to Instal Lodge in Asuncion; First Lodge in Paraguay

    Installation of Asuncion Lodge in the capital of Paraguay will mark the first time that B’nai B’rith has a lodge in every country of South America it was announced here today by the B’nai B’rith headquarters. The new lodge will be installed at the end of this month, the announcement said. Paraguay with a Jewish… More ▸

  • Israel Minister Presents Credentials to Paraguay President

    Dr. Arieh Kubovi, Israel Minister to several South American countries, today presented his credentials as Minister to Paraguay to President Tomas Romero Pereira, at a ceremony here. During his week’s stay in this capital, Dr. Kubovi has been welcomed by all Jewish groups and has proposed the creation of a Paraguay-Israel Chamber of Commerce and… More ▸

  • Israel Minister Leaves for Paraguay to Present His Credentials to President

    Yaacov Tsur, Israel Minister to Argentina, today left here for Ascuncion, capital of Paraguay, to present his credentials as Minister to that state to Paraguayan President Federico Chaves. Minister Tsur, who also represents Israel in Uruguay and Chile, will confer with Paraguayan Foreign Minister Bernardo Campos while in Asuncion. Editorial Israel, a Jewish publishing firm,… More ▸

  • Paraguay Recognizes Israel; Uruguay to Exchange Diplomats with Israel Soon

    The Government of Paraguay today officially recognized Israel, it was announced here by the Latin-American department of the Israeli Mission. (In Montevideo, Israeli Foreign Under-Secretary Moises Toff, who is now visiting Uruguay, today told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that an exchange of diplomatic representatives between Uruguay and Israel is imminent. He also revealed that the… More ▸

  • First Two Jewish Survivors of Oswiecim to Reach South America Arrive in Paraguay

    The first two survivors of Oswiecim to reach South America arrived here yesterday, and were welcomed by representatives of the Jewish community and government officials. They are Esther and Sonia Brom, who were liberated from the Nazi death camp by the Red Army. They were enabled to come to Paraguay through the cooperation of President… More ▸

  • Paraguay Permits Free Entry of Jews from Europe; Venezuela, Ecuador Admit Refugees

    The Government of Paraguay, responding to an appeal of the Hias-Ica Emigration Association, agreed to permit the free entry of Jewish refugees from Europe without limiting the number involved, it was announced today by Max Gottschalk, president of the Association. The announcement said that president Medina Angarita of Venezuela has similarly authorized the Venezuelan Government… More ▸